Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sweet Catherine

My friends from high school, Katie and Donnie have been pregnant with their first baby. Here is her blog: (Read it with a box of tissues!)
They found out that there were problem along the way, but have made the decision to trust God.
Sweet baby Catherine was born on August 19 and she is fighting! 6 lbs 15 oz. I am posting this to ask for PRAYERS that Catherine will be blessed with as long of a life as God will give her.
Katie's sister-in-law has an update on her blog:

The next few days are critical for this precious baby.
Please continue to pray,
that Catherine would become and remain stable and be able to undergo the surgery,
that she would be protected from complications like infection,
that her pulmonary function would continue improve in a miraculous way,
that her brain and other organs would get adequate oxygen and be protected from damage,
that Katie and Donnie would be able to rest well and know the tangible presence of God and that their story would continue to bless everyone who hears it.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Happy Birthday baby boy! We love you!

Today was his "real" birthday, so we went to Chick-fil-A with my parents for lunch and he got a balloon or "boon" as he says AND he got to play on the play ground. That was fun.

Mama made cupcakes!! When Da-Da got home the baby needed a lap nap and then we all went to Chuck E. Cheese for dinner and play time. It was fun to do something special with just our little family.

He's walking now and therefor a little more prone to injury. He got a nasty boo boo while we were there and even got blood on his birthday shirt. Uh, Oh! But after careful evaluation, it was all OK. And he is walking A LOT more tonight!

All in all I hope it was a great 1st Birthday for him. His party is this weekend, which is why I have not been on here much. But I will update soon. And add pictures of his Beachside Carnival birthday party!!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Great Consignment Sale (this weekend)

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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Daddy's Girl in a BOY World

In September, we will celebrate our 5 year college reunion and our 5 year wedding anniversary.

I grew up in a house of girls. And on top of that I am the oldest daughter and a Daddy's Girl! When I got injured in any way, I was immediately met with overwhelming compassion. My mother had band aids, neosporine, Advil and a kiss. My dad had ice, wraps and a comforting embrace. I was asked at least five to ten routine questions like, "Are you OK Baby?", "Are you bleeding?", "How bad does it hurt?" , "Did you hear anything crack or pop?", Etc... Overwhelming compassion. Deep concern. Loving care.

The other day I sat down at our computer desk and hit my knee really hard. It was not major, but it hurt and took some skin off. I was waiting for the reaction of my husband who was in the same room and witnessed what happened. No response. Did not even get up. Not concerned. And then, a slight interest as he watch me grab my knee and try to not to yell. But it was really more like an interrogation... "What'd you do?" "How'd you even hit your knee?" Not exactly what I was expecting. Not the reaction I had come to know for over 20 years.

Later that night we talked about it and I asked him how his family responded to injuries when he was growing up in house of BOYS?! "I guess you didn't really get a big reaction unless it was major, huh?" He agreed and reiterated that it was not some big thing where anyone would ever run and check on him. When you are a boy, you are expected to get over things on your own I guess?! "If they did respond, were they compassionate and concerned or scolding and interrogating?" He said it was the interrogation stuff, like, What'd you do? How'd you do that? or my personal favorite thing for anyone to say when I'm hurting... Why'd you do that? (Because we all plan to have an accidental injury.)

So... In the world of love and marriage and parenting... I figured out that he responded to me in a way that seemed perfectly normal to him. It's what he knew. It did not mean he didn't care. It did not mean he didn't love me. It was "normal" to him even though my "normal" was very far away in another expectation.

That lead us to talking about how we will react to our son. Why do people treat BOYS so differently? It's good to be compassionate. Right?

- Daddy's Girl

Monday, August 4, 2008

Learning to say Uh, Oh

Our baby love is learning to say "Uh, Oh" when something falls.
This was way cute a couple of weeks ago... and it still is... but now, he has become liter patrol. We are coming out of Publix, he's riding in the cart (on the cover we love - from TARGET), and he looks at me and says "Uh, Oh" with a great look of concern. I look around and finally see some trash on the ground, in the Publix parking lot that is the cause of the "Uh, Oh". He doesn't understand why I am not picking it up, but I try to explain that it's "yucky" because he sorta knows that word too. But we spit when things are "yucky" now because it's most commonly used when he finds something in the carpet and tries to put it in his mouth. Anyway, in addition to my little liter patrol officer, we are also learning that tossing the sippy cup down on purpose, does not really constitute an "Uh, Oh". He's learning quickly! He's 11&1/2 months old already!!!

PS - He almost took a step tonight. He kinda did. He stepped from me to Da Da but he kinda leaned out to grab for his hands so he was not totally on his own. But it was close. My husband is like, if we keep going, he's gonna be walking and I'm not ready yet. Awe. He's so big on keeping him a baby as long as we can... it's sweet.
I love them both very much!

Friday, August 1, 2008

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