Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

We had a busy but happy Thanksgiving Day and I hope you did too!!

I stayed up the night before making two huge green bean casseroles for the two meals we were attending. I ended up not feeling well and not sleeping well the night before, but all in all, it was a great holiday.

My husband's grandmother lives on a farm. Our little guy got to see a cow, a horse, a dog, and ride on a Power Wheels Jeep with another 2nd cousin buddy who is about to turn three. Then we went to my Mom's family get together just to say hello in passing (but not to eat again). Our little guy was most interested in playing football with the big boys! And he got to swing and try some home made pumpkin pie! He loved the pie!! Last, we went to a big family dinner on my Dad's side of the family. My Grandmother has 4 kids, 9 grand kids, and now has 4 great-grand babies and counting. We enjoyed seeing everyone. One of the cousins brought their new chocolate lab puppy and out little guy really enjoyed seeing him. They also had a pool table, which meant he got to play with a new kind of ball and they had a little in door slide! After eating WAY TOO MUCH through out the day... and seeing just about everyone who loves him... he was ready to come on home. We were all sleepy and it was not even 7pm yet. We watched some semi-cheesy, "B" Christmas movie, on ABC Family and then went to bed.
It really was a great day!!!

I have a post from last year's Thanksgiving that was crazy... Happy Thanksgiving ...because my little guy was a newborn and I did not have my act together. Read it when you have time. = )

I'll close this post with a list of
the things I'm very thankful for:
-that Jesus loves me and pursues me
-my husband and my sweet 15 month old son
-my family (as in my real family)
-my church family, alpha family, and mom's playgroup family
-the new found hope God has so faithfully renewed
-extra family time around the holidays
-being a mom
-great deals
-my 1st year of business
-God's faithfulness and constant provision

- Happy Thanksgiving -

Sunday, November 23, 2008

My New Blog

Please visit my new blog site to see my 2008 season.
If you like what you see, you may choose to become a follower of th new AnnMadePhotography blog. ENJOY

Thursday, November 20, 2008

boys against block towers

boys against block towers
Our son could become the new club leader!

my husband built the tall tower inside the gatemust knock down block tower


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Happy 15 Month Birthday!!

Happy 15 Month Birthday
sweet love

Month 14 Highlights:
-can point to all of Noah's animals correctly
-learning so much more from reading (a lot) with us
-you got taller
-2nd time in the Fall Costume Parade
-more discipline issues... testing and learning
-saying "no" a lot
-putting words together.... "no, take it out" "I get that" "I got car, vroom-vroom" "thank you" "that please" (said: "dat peas") "no that"
-size 18 mo clothes / size 6 & 1/2 shoes / still size 4 diapers
-the best toys are not toys: coat hanger, paint stick, plastic hanger, hair brush, cans of food, boxes, sticks, Daddy's big shoe, paint brush, mom's cell phone, and more
-first time on antibiotics (ear infection), sick this month off and on -- but all better now!!
-stayed home a lot more
-played on the back porch for the first time, hung light with Daddy, & read books with Mama on the little sofa
-no new teeth this month... still just 8
-Still nursing - Eating well most of the time: loves crackers (kak kak's), now eats cheese, still eats almost anything green but does not like things that are orange, loves spaghetti sauce, still likes Yo Baby and we've started drinking it thru a straw, loves an apple, but not cut up.... still loves black olives and cheerios!
-Entertainment News: introduced Winnie the Pooh & he likes it, got a new ELMO DVD from KK and he LOVES it... brings me the DVD box and kisses it and begs "peas, peas" to watch it 18x

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Pregnancy Journal

You are 15 month old tomorrow!

Here's a look back...

My Pregnancy Journal

I'm also posting My Pregnancy Journal from in honor of our friends who just had their baby girl tonight So click on the link and read my journal and see my baby belly over a year ago!

Let me know what you think...

Saturday, November 15, 2008

My odd week Update

For over a week now my son and I have been quarantined in our house. It was my choice to do so because he's been sick with RSV (an upper respiratory virus/wheezing) and an ear infection. It's our first time dealing with this... and he's been such a trooper. To add to the odd nature of the week, my husband ended up working from home all week too. We have had a lot of family time and we've enjoyed living in our pj's. He is doing better... I am just praying for complete healing and for the cough to GO! We were about to go crazy watching the same 4 or 5 videos over and over again. My sweet mom came by to check on us and brought a NEW ELMO DVD and really blessed our lives! We've now watched the new one at least ten times!! We worked on our porch some and babylove helped Daddy staple up some white lights that look so nice. He got so excited -- thinking he was helping. We have read all of our books over and over again because we have to sit down for about ten + minutes while doing the breathing treatments (three times a day). We have had to be creative about staying home and still enjoying life, so last night my husband made the empty Huggies box into a toddler train... and then, into a slide (there are some pictures of it below) and our little guy really liked that. We are ready to be 'all done' as my son would say, and to be totally well again. At least the low-grade-fever was gone after the first few days. Almost there. Jesus, heal my baby.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Hope... posted by YOU

Here are some of YOUR Hope Posts that have blessed my socks off when I really REALLY needed words of encouragement,... and stories of HOPE! Thank You!

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These are worth the time to blog around and check out!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hope... Even

when you can't see where your headed.
when the world seems uncertain.
when life is moving and you feel you don't have control.

(i shot this photo at Berry Patch Farms)
No matter who our next president is... No matter what is going on with the economy... No matter how stressed you have felt this past week...
Jesus Christ is King of Kings and Lord of Lords!
He is the one in our drivers seat and he is fully in control.

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