Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Justice is Sweet

Justice is Sweet...

Early on, when the baby bear would bump his head on something... I reverted to doing what my Mom did with me...

We divert our attention from the "pain" and turn to spanking the wall, the table, the floor, or whatever "caused" the pain. We spank it and say, "No, No, Don't hurt this baby!" and then I pet him and hug him and tell him that I love him. It works! No more tears. In fact most of the time, he laughs!!

So... now that he's almost a year old and talking more and more... he understands more... AND HE WANTS TO DO THE SPANKING now and even shakes a finger at it and speaks in his baby Greek with great disgust that IT has given him a Boo Boo. Oh, no. What have I started?!

Thursday, July 24, 2008


So, it's been one of those nights where I got the baby down, my sweet husband feel asleep on the sofa and I became Super-Productive-Mom. I got more done in the past few hours than I have all week when other folks were awake... you know what I mean ; )

As I was working... cleaning up dinner, quick check on e-mail, catching up on laundry, unpacking a suit case from two weeks ago, making my hubbie's lunch for tomorrow, picking up scattered toys... I had this thought about how Mom's are last. Am I the only one who has this "Whoa is me" conversation to themselves? Mom's always come last, I thought. And I admit that my attitude was not in the exact right place as I was picking up dirty socks and pondering why I feel like the dirty dishes are the "bad ones".

But I heard the Lord remind me of His word, His truth, that the last shall be first in His Kingdom. He was lovingly reminding me that while Mom's do tend to come last... I can receive that or I can choose to reject that. I can either complain my way thru my daily chores, or I can willingly embrace being a servant hearted leader for my family.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Highlights of Month 10

Month 10 Highlights

- Another tooth
- Trying to Walk
- Crawling VERY fast
- Traveling (Summer Camp, Minnesota, Mall of America)
- First Flight
- First 4th of July
- Sleeping in his room when we were in town
- Lots of Swimming... and lovin' it! Also still loves taking his bath = )
- Still nursing but eats baby food & crazy about Yo Baby yogurt & broken Cheerios

But the BIGGEST thing about Month 10, is the huge increase in communication...
- He's picked up our sign language efforts: "Please" & "All Done"
- He has been clapping, waving bye-bye, making us laugh with his dramatic Fake Laughing
- He's finally willing to watch things like Baby Einstein (w/ the help of the tray chair & the Cheerios) and I also like WordWorld, Super Why, & the Backyardagins!
- His verbal skills have really picked up too... He now says:
~da da ~boon (balloon) ~dis (this) ~dat (that) ~dit dat (get that) ~bu (ball) ~bye bye ~du (dog) ~oo oh (ut oh) ~boo (the dogs name) ~ah done (all done) ~tox (sock or socks) And more.... And he understands even more than he can say.
We can say, "Can I have that?" and he will hand use the treasure he's picked out of the carpet. I can say, "Let's go get Da Da!" and he will get excited, kicking, huge smile, and we'll go tickle Daddy together. "Where's your ball?" is an easy one for him now... totally knew about the ball a couple of months ago! Such a Boy! He is learning things like Together/Apart, Up/Down, etc... He is loving to put smaller toys into large cups and containers.

My husband and I have been talking about how much fun he is and about his sweet character. He loves to play with us, he shares (most of the time), and he even thinks to offer Da Da a Cheerio or two!! Children really are a gift from the Lord!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Blogging with Purpose

My friend included me on this Mission Blog Tour where we all write the purpose of our blog. I have thought about it for days and have not had the opportunity to actually type it and post it... but that is my life as a New Mom.
Mission Blog Tour hosted by Angela at Becoming Me, head over there to read hers and many others or join in.

My Blogger Purpose for
Atlanta Mama's Expressions: share my life with others in hopes of connecting, encouraging, and supporting one another.
Over there on the side, under my head shot, you'll see that it says my life is multi-faceted, as most New Mom's are...
I started this blog to share the funny stories of getting spit up on just before leaving for church, making up songs about poo poo and pee pee, and how I recently nursed my son in a bath room stall (there was no place to sit down) and a lady came in to do what she needed to do next to us, but she had some loud gas which echoed up from the potty... my 10 month old popped off, smiled at me & then laughed out loud! You don't teach 'em everything!!
I started this blog to share what God is teaching me and what he is doing in our lives. We are learning a lot about praying for God's Kingdom to come and His will to be done here on earth, here in our community, here in our family... as it is in Heaven.
I started this blog to offer support on nursing, pregnancy, staying healthy, and getting on a first-time-Mom schedule (which is really more like a repeating routine).
I started this blog to ask questions of others... How many naps should he take and for how long? How much food does he need at this age? And other New Mama issues... trying to get him to sleep in his own room... making baby food... crawling... and more!

We've all heard that having a family is amazing, but it doesn't come with an instruction guide. That is why we turn to the Bible and the collective wisdom of family, friends, and bloggers!!

Thank you for being part of this journey and thank you for your feedback. Please enjoy reading past blog post on my site while are here!
- The Atlanta Mama

(P.S. - Happy 11 Month Birthday (July 19) to my Baby bear! He cut tooth #4 - first top tooth)

Friday, July 11, 2008

The Day That Would Not End...Yes It Went On and ON My Friends

It was a Wednesday filled with packing, last minute shopping, more packing, and cleaning the house to leave. I stayed up almost all night, went to bed some time after 2a.m. and fell asleep sometime after 3a.m. We had set several alarms, so as not to be late for our early flight, but we did not wake up until my Dad arrived at our house at 4a.m. Thank goodness he was driving us to the Atlanta airport...
So it's now Thursday morning, we wake up the baby, load luggage, and head out for the airport on maybe 45 mins. of sleep and no breakfast.
One of our checked bags was over the weight limit so we had to re- do some things right there at the curb-side check in. We got in trouble for wrapping the car seat in clear plastic. Oops. We have never flown w/ a baby.
My husband bought some breakfast just before we boarded. I nursed the baby after we took off (this also can help w/ ears popping) and the baby fell asleep! THANK YOU LORD! I did not know what to expect, but sleep was a treasure. Only the flight attended came over to tell me that my seat belt had come undone (by the baby) and that I needed to latch it... while he was speaking to me, he WOKE UP the perfectly sleeping baby! Are you kidding me? Well, I got him back to sleep. He was awake the last 1/2 of the flight and played and talked and eat broken cheerios.
We landed safe and sound. We gained an hour... it was 7:30a.m. and I still had not gotten any more sleep. We got our checked bags and called for the hotel shuttle. They tell us to go down a level. We go down a level carrying a heavy baby and tons of luggage... (we were traveling w/ my in laws, and my husbands aunt and cousins too)only to find that we have to go back up. Craziness. We found the "wait here for the shuttle bench"!! They guy loaded our luggage and even waited for us to set the car seat up in the seat. On to hotel...
We arrive as a very sleepy bunch. We are told that we cannot check in until 3p.m. and it was not even 10a.m. yet. Are you kidding me? We are told that we can leave our luggage at the hotel and take the shuttle out or else we can sit in the lobby all day?! Um... Where will the shuttle take us? It only runs to the airport or to the mall. Are you kidding me? So, yes, exhausted and out of it and very hungry at this point... we all head out to the mall. Not really in the mood for walking and shopping. We had to rent a stroller. We finally found the food court and got some lunch. Thank you Lord. Now I can stay awake little longer.
We were in town for a wedding, so all of the boys had to get fitted and check out their tux stuff. There was only ONE girl working and she had to re-measure every person and give them there stuff and they all had to pay. It took 3 forevers. I found a bench out in the mall area and sat down to nurse the baby. It was a very uncomfortable wooden slat bench, but it was all we had. He slept in my lap for an hour. While I still had not slept, I was glad that he was getting some shut eye time! There were sky lights above me and I watched as it began to storm. I watched as it got darker and more intense. I heard people screaming, but they were a ways away. Then I got a phone call from my mother-in-law; she's in SEARS and the storm broke thru the skylights. Water was pouring out from over head. They got 6 " of water in 2 mins. They were shutting down the store. She told me that I should take the baby and go to a lower level. I got the boys (out of the never ending tux store session) and we went to the first floor. The other FUN thing about the hotel shuttle is that they only pick up from the mall at 2:40pm and 6:40pm. So, we still had another hour from the time of the storm drama to the shuttle coming back for us. The baby was doing great - thanks to that hour nap. The rest of us were in need of showers and naps. We were to attend a family dinner that evening with the bride and groom.
So, the shuttle came to take us back to our hotel. We could hardly wait to get in our rooms and get some rest. We unload into the flashlight lit hotel lobby... and the Assistant Manager informed us that the power was knocked out by the storm. Are you kidding me? "But your rooms are ready", he said. Oh, good. We go to the desk to find out our room numbers and how we will get in them since he electronic keys were out. "Bad news", he says, "All of your rooms are on the 8th floor, and there is no elevator right now, so you won't be able to take your luggage up yet." Are you kidding me? Here we go... all 8 of us and the baby... following the manager up 8 flights of very dark stairs. Thanks for saying we are on the 8th floor. Yes, that was true, but it was also true that the 8th floor was the TOP and highest floor! Yes, thanks.
Welcome to our room. Oh, babe, could you kick that A/C on? Oops, no power. Oh, babe after we take a nap, I need to iron my outfit for the dinner party. Oops, no power. We take a nap with the baby. It was a loosed, spinning, crazy dreams kind of nap, but it counted. I still have not clue if was 2 hours or 3, but it doesn't matter... it was a blessing. I got up to get ready and the room was stuffy and we had been traveling all day and I really just WANT A SHOWER! Well, the bathroom is dark, very dark, and the water is - well - freezing cold. I went for it. It was worth it not to feel gross. I can't dry my hair or iron my clothes, but I'm ready for the dinner. As ready as I can be on such little sleep and no hotel power. I grabbed a Q-tip in the dark and figured out after pushing it in my ear that some shampoo had leaked everywhere in my shower case... and I now had soap in my ear... in the dark bathroom!
I guess it's not common to drink ice here, in the north. But the dinner was great and the fellowship time was wonderful. The hosting family had heard about the storm damage at SEARS on the local news!! Yes, we were there. We were shuttled to the event in personal vehicles and we were able to use our car seat. There is only an hour time difference but to our very sleepy bodies, it felt late and later. We were finally taken back to the hotel and the POWER WAS ON! The baby went to sleep right away, my husband and I went to bed around 12:30 or 1, so it was now Friday. Is it finally night time? Do we really get to sleep? Oh...
We went to sleep and all three of us slept like babies!!!! It was a good, long, adventure filled day. I did get to ride with my son on his first carousal ride and that was a blast! He loved it! And the flight was safe. So, we are very blessed. And we are forever grateful for a good night sleep!!