Thursday, March 31, 2011

March 2011 Recap

Our Family Update and
Highlights from March 2011

This is one of the reasons I blog... it's a way to keep records of my kids, about my kids, and for my kids.  It will be familiar to them to grow up in a generation where your whole life has been "shared" on line.  And while I do am careful about what and how I post... I do love sharing milestones.

This past month both kids have been sick a lot.  Mainly cough and cold stuff that just kept getting passed around (even to me and both grandmothers).  But we are finally all getting well. Yay.

Early in March we had a service for the passing of the kids great grandmother.  She had been sick for several years but it was still a very difficult loss because she was so dearly loved and super loveable.  My husband was asked to pray at the family visitation and even spoke at the service the following day.  He did a lovely job of honoring his sweet grandmother.  We know that this is not the end but the beginning of her time in eternity.  We will be together again Nanny.


Early Then on March 9th the baby turned 16 months old!! WOW!  Where has the time gone?  He's talking a lot... he says short sentences, he knows some animals and their sound, he loves to take about cars and airplanes, he loves to DANCE, and he will only feed himself (will not be fed).  In month 16 he also started saying "I love you"!  He melts my heart.  In month 16 I've had to call poison control twice... and we now have a lovely butterfly bandage on his head. (The head boo boo took place this Sunday, March 27 and it's healing quickly!)
  I say he's busy.  My family says he's active.  My husband says he's a billy goat because he has to climb to the highest point and he eats things like paper, side-walk-chalk, crayons, and diaper wipes all the time.  So, the point is... I can't turn my back on my little Jack Russell for one minute.  Literally in the time it took my to go pee pee the other day, he was on the fireplace, taking tiny rocks and other items out of the actual fireplace and covered in black dust.  We now have child proofing on every drawer, cabnet, pantry, door knob... everything.  I have my HAND FULL in this stage of his life.  And I am praying for God to teach me how to keep him safe but also how to embrass his love and desire for FREEDOM.  That's just in him!!  He does not sit still.  He's always happy and on the go... And I love him SOOOO much!  God's got BIG plans for this kid... LOOK OUT!

My Toddler is growing up fast and turning into Mr. Pre-K.  He knows his alphabet and sounds pretty well and we are starting to play with some writing.  We made the decision to homeschool next year!  Yikes!  Here we go... Whatever happens, it will be an adventure.

He's also my helper in every way.  He helps with clean up, cooking, baking, clothes, trash, and most importantly right now, he's my watchdog... He'll yell, "Mom, the Baby's doing something dangerous!"  ; )  He's a good big brother.  They are amazing friends and love to play together!  And I enjoy watching them have fun and GO at their crazy energy levels until they crash.  I also enjoy movie nights with Mr. Pre-K.  We enjoy the pop corn and he talks about what we are watching and gets so into it. 

We are getting to know his little personality and his heart even more now.  He 's learned how to pray with us at night and that's just AWESOME!  He's a good kid!!  We are also seeing more and more of his creative skills.  He's into drawing, singing, art, play-doh, and playing different instruments like drums, recorder, piano, and his new fav -- THE HARMONICA! 
In this month of March, the Harmonica has LIVED with him 24/7.  It goes in the car, in the sand box, in the bed, and even sometimes in the bath.  He loves his yellow harmonica.  So this past week (we have been stuck inside with a lot of rain) He put together a concert for us!!  He picked out the outfit, he rehearsed "songs" and "tricks", and even practiced taking a bow while I clapped.  So much fun! 

Monday, March 28, 2011

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Their First Year Together

I'm going to play catch up a little bit and share this 2009-2010 collage with you of our boys FIRST YEAR TOGETHER as brothers and friends.  This is filled with memories of playing at home, going on outings like the GA Aquarium, the Pumpkin Patch, the Beach trip, the Fishing Trip, and Holidays like Easter, Christmas, Valentines Day, and their Birthdays.  They had an amazing first year together and they are fast friends already!  They are growing up TOO FAST though.... Any finds the remote, please push PAUSE!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I'm back...

I have taken 3 month off from blogging.  And I've missed it.  I went through a time where I realized I needed to cut back on some things, that were extra, in order to better focus on the things that were and are most important.  So the blog took a back seat for a few months.  I now feel the freedom to come back to it WITH FREEDOM.  Freedom to post when I can, when I have time, and when it's not taking away from other things.

God has been doing a lot in us lately.  Well, He's always at work.  But this has been a season where I can feel the work.  It's not like having your teeth worked on with no drugs... no, no... it's more like truth boot camp.  Almost like a coach who has you doing sports boot camp until you can hardly feel your legs underneath your body... but you know it's all for a goal and purpose.  And you want to be there.  I feel that.  And I am grateful to be in this season.

The kids are doing well.  WOW!  They are growing up.  The oldest, "Bear" is 3 & 1/2 going on 4 and the baby love, "Pumpkin" is now 16 months old!  They get along super well and laugh at each other all the time... even when it's nap time.  I am very grateful for them and I am loving being a Mom to two boys! 

I'm leaning everyday with two toddlers... God is guiding me through the roller coaster days of messes - diapers - time out - cleaning - stepping on toys on the way to the bathroom - have teachable moments - watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse instead of the news - "let's share and take turns" over and over - all of the day in/day out things... I am learning.  I love it.  I love them. 

I am really enjoying getting to know their personalities.  In fact, I'm thinking about changing their blog nicknames.  Hmm, we'll see?!!

Well... it's good to be back!