Monday, December 31, 2007

Jesus looses fingers on New Years Eve


The History of our Jesus:
So... we got this statue of Jesus at a Wedding shower (over four years ago) and it's stayed with us... It has had a new home on our Kitchen counter top for a few months since we moved some shelves around.

The Incident:
It's New Years Eve night -- we have my other blogger friend and Bo and Caroline over for dinner and hang out time... Ruth Allen was in the Kitchen making some yummy Brownies while I was nursing my little guy and our husbands were fully caught up in a video game. All of the sudden I look in the the next room to see Ruth Allen laughing so hard that she can't tell me WHAT she is laughing about... What happened? Something with the Brownie mix? She finally pauses long enough to say, "I should not be laughing, I should be crying!" - - "Jesus lost a finger!!!!" What? Oh, that little statue of Jesus in there... Oh, goodness. Then she brings it in to show all of us - - The laughter is contagious!!

He's showing the sign of LOVE at least!! Nothing a little super glue can't fix!

She even carefully saved His fingers in a Ziploc baggie and attached it to my refrigerator. Now that is a good friend. At least she made herself at home!

Friday, December 28, 2007

I hate shots

I don't HATE a lot of things. Overall, I am a positive and happy person. But I really REALLY HATE shots. I hate needles. I despise them so much that the thought of a large one in or near my spine so sickened me that I was deeply motivated to give birth with no epidural. (And thankfully did)

But even beyond hating shots myself, I hate it far more for my son to be on the receiving end. Uu.... I just can't even describe the feeling of seeing him -- this innocent baby laying there smiling and cooing at the nurse and then wammo here come the shots he never expected. He cried like he was in great pain and didn't understand why. The first time we suffered thru this endeavour, he looked right at me -- I mean, eye to eye, while crying and confused at why I would allow this to take place. I felt like I had caused the pain. I wanted to take it away. This time (round 2) Daddy was with us. I looked away. I could not handle it. Daddy was right there to comfort the screaming baby who now, 2 months older, was even more aware of what was going on. It was was awful. I hate seeing him, hearing him, feeling him in any pain. I HATE SHOTS!!

Oh, but their protecting him. He'll recover fast. Use Tylenol. He won't even remember it. It's the right thing to do. On and On.

Yea, yea. I hate it. I never want to go thru this again. It is too heart breaking. I hate shots.


Sisters are Forever

Happy Birthday

Oh, the 80's...

Putting on our Make-Up

Today is my sweet little sister's 18th Birthday!! I can hardly believe it. She's so old. She's an Adult. She's finishing up High School and has already been accepted to a large university for the Fall semester. She beautiful, smart, and talented. I'm blessed to have a wonderful sister!!

2007 Guatemala Trip

HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY!!!! I love you!!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

First Chistmas with Baby

We did a lot of driving and a lot of get together's over 3 days! It was fun. We all enjoyed it and we feel so blessed have so many people who love us. But it was harder on the baby then I really thought it would be. I mean, he was just worn out on day 2 (Christmas Eve) so by Christmas Day he had just had it!

He was like, It's one thing to have SO many people lovin' me and makin' a big deal... and it's a whole other thing when they ALL want to see me in like 48hrs!!! Stop the lovin'!! Let me take a nap!! Over-stimulation!! For the love!!!

Ok, so he's 4 & 1/2 months old and he has a great vocabulary! Well, maybe he didn't say all of that, But he was really worn out and off schedule. And often more interested in the tissue paper than the gifts.

He did get lots of toys and clothes and NUK paci's and burp clothes and even a couple packs of diapers. He was very very blessed by all of our families!!!! It was fun overall, but I really long for the day when I get host... and have all of the grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins come by our house on Christmas!! One day...

Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas is coming...

This week I have been getting my Christmas shopping finished up.... with the baby, which always makes life more interesting. I remember last year around this time, we found out we were pregnant, and I had that thought - - how will I shop next year with a Baby?? Well, you just figure it out and it all happens. Doesn't it!

This week I have...
1.) finished my Christmas list, shopping, and errands
2.) loaded and unloaded the stroller, car seat, diaper bag, and baby about 150x (OK, only like 12 times maybe)
3.) nursed the baby in the back seat of our vehicle while imagining that I was a secret spy because I was watching a very shady character in the parking lot. He was either anxious about meeting someone... waiting on a drug deal... or he was a vest wearing uni-bomber who for some strategic reason had chosen OLDNAVY on a Wednesday?!!
4.) changed a dirty diaper in the dressing room of an up-scale clothing store (Don't think you're supposed to do that!!)
5.) Found one outfit for me to wear on Christmas that fits my new breastfeeding figure...

....can you relate?

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Sometimes, as a Mom, we do things that no one notices.

I mean, my husband has never come home and said, “My, honey, you are so wonderful for unloading the stroller a million times this week!” He will never think to say, “Babe, you deserve a metal… look at all the milk you pumped in that bottle today!” (Especially in the first few weeks as a Mom, you feel like you should get a large trophy for pumping and nursing - - man, that hurt at first!)

It’s not that I want recognition. I just want to encourage all of you - - as an unseen hero for your family. Fellow Mama’s, you are doing a great job! That old story about the Cathedral builder (or sky scraper, depending on how you’ve heard the story told) is true of all of you.

The gist is that we all know of a beautiful Cathedral, but we never know the builder’s name. I was a theatre major in college… musical theatre to be exact. (Yea, What’s that Liberal Arts stuff good for, you may ask? Well, I did perform for a while and then I taught last year. And it sure it fun!) But anyway, I relate this “builder” example to my experiences directing shows. As a director, you are also creating a work of art that many people will see and enjoy. You yourself are behind the scenes, or in some cases you are actually in the front row on opening night. You aren’t up there. You don’t get credit. You usually don’t want credit you just want the actors to do well and the audience to be well entertained. The Cathedral builder labors his lifetime to bring joy to hundreds or thousands who will enter the giant doors… and often the builder will not out live his masterpiece.

You may feel stressed this Christmas season… you may feel small and unseen…

Take joy in the season. Take joy in that which you are crafting each day you invest in taking care of your kids. We are giving a good part of our lifetime to the amazing masterpiece we call our children. We are crafting them, guiding them, playing and providing for them… yes, even the feedings and dirty diapers are part of this process. We know that the end result is well worth the work.

There will be up’s and down’s, but we will be overwhelmed by the joy of a job well done as we watch our children grow into the person God has created them to be.

P.S. - My little baby love is 4months old!! I can't believe it.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Power Together like Sea Otters

The other day, my husband had on the Discovery Channel. It was just "back ground" in our busy living room before we were about to leave to attend a Christmas party.

The TV show started talking about Sea Otters. Cute. Whatever. La-Dee-Da. Well... the most profound thing happen and it just meant so much to me that I am compelled to share the story with all of you. (Looked for the video clip, but to no avail.)

The Sea Otters are swimming and cute. The narrator explained that they get in "Family Groups" up to 17 strong. Neat. Then, in the water near by, the villain, the Crocodile. Dumm, Dumm, Dumm. I said to my Husband, "If they show these little sea otters getting eaten I'm changing the channel!" But it's one of those things where you almost can't look away... What's gonna happen?

To my astonishment, the Crock and Sea Otter encounter was not what I expected.

As the Crock approached the group of Sea Otters, He did snap at them. Of course. But he did not "get one". And to my complete surprise, the Sea Otters did not run away (swim away) as fast as their little feet would take them. No, no. These Sea Otters came together and taunted this huge bully. They sort of charged him, as a group. He snapped several times but began to back up back into the water and away from them. They continued to walk toward him & even at times, they stepped toward his big open mouth with a million teeth. They did not fear him. They were not alone.

There is great power when we are together. Do you have a bully? Maybe you have something on your back, something bothering you. Jesus said, Whatever you ask in My name, I will do. Maybe you need to be reminded that you can come together with others who believe as you believe, and together, we will walk toward that bully, that sickness, that issue (no matter how big and scary) - - and it will flee!!! You are not alone.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Did your hair fall out?

Calling all Mom's...

Did your hair fall out AFTER you gave birth to your child?? My son just turned 4months old and I'd said that for the past month or so my hair has been coming out in great amounts. Crazy! In the shower, in my brush, on the straight iron, all over my fleece jacket, and in my baby's hands - - and therefore in his mouth!! Yuck.

Supposedly you don't loose your hair WHILE you are pregnant... so I'm guessing I had "extra" that I am now getting rid of all at once.

According to:Babycenter: Hair Loss after Pregnancy "Many new moms are surprised to find themselves shedding more hair than usual in the first few months after giving birth, but it's perfectly normal. And there's no need to panic: You won't go bald. In fact, your hair should be back to normal by your baby's first birthday."

So... this hair business may last several more months! Yikes! Did this happen to you??

(P.S.- It was one year ago - today - that we found out we were pregnant!)

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Great Web Sites


Lifestyle 101: Making the Best Choices for Your Baby

Labor and Delivery

Get Your Body Back After Pregnancy
Dedication and patience are key to losing postpartum baby weight and looking like your pre-baby self again.

infant vaccine recall

infant meningitis vaccine recall

There was a national news notification today about an infant meningitis vaccine recall from the power-house drug company, Merek (sp??).
I called my child's doctor & they told me that they didn't use the one in question. I asked the nurse, "How would I know -- had it been that one? I mean, what would his symptoms be like?" She told me that they look for redness at the injection site. But didn't give any other details on the recall.
The news report vaguely stated that the 'batch' of that vaccine was contaminated. What ever that means. But, I'm just writing to get the word out & let other Mom's know what I've heard. I hope your nurse will tell you all is well too!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Grand Parents Are Great!

- - Our NEW and REAL Christmas Tree - -
We are so grateful to Granddaddy & KK
for giving our baby love (& us)
a Christmas Blessing...
lead free!!

Friday, December 7, 2007

There is Lead in That

Lead? In a Christmas Tree?

A couple of nights ago, my husband I broke out a fake Christmas Tree that was given to us a few years ago. A lot of what we "have", just in general, has been given to us - - so we are grateful and not picky. However, I do love REAL trees!! We did not even put of the tree last year because we were traveling and did not have kids yet.
But two Christmases (plural) ago, we put up this tree and I remembered that I broke out in more than the Holiday spirit... I got hives. Yuck. I told my husband, "I really need YOU to do the tree because I think it gave me hives last time." He suggested a long sleeve shirt and wanted me to stick it out because the whole idea was to do it together. So, we assembled the tree and began putting on lights. We were talking to the baby about Christmas and getting excited.

Oh, my... When Christmas Trees attack!! I was itchy and my hands (which were not covered) were awful. This spurred an all out investigation by my husband. He wanted to google this "I think I'm allergic to the Christmas Tree" business - - and I think mainly because He was itchy too!!

My Hands...

The Tree Got Me...

Our investigation landed us on an official web site that stated that older, fake Christmas Trees, which are MADE IN CHINA, may contain LEAD.
What? I had not heard of this. Well, it seems that there was a period of time when LEAD was used as a Flame Retardant. The informant when on to say that agitation of the tree (moving it) can create lead dust.
Oh, great!! Just what we want for Christmas... two turtle doves and some lead dust under our feet... So, it must be thrown out. It's really for the best. We didn't get along anyway.

Farewell fake, ugly, pine cone holding, lead filled, itchy Christmas Tree. We won't miss you!!!

(F.Y.I. - someone told me that some companies are abbreviating MADE IN CHINA to PRC "The Peoples Republic of China"... so look for that label too!)

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

How to have a "do nothing day"

One of my favorite indulgences - on a day when there is nothing planned, the house is mostly in order, and dinner plans are covered - I sometimes allow my self to have a "do nothing day". This happens so very rarely due to all of the above stipulations, but when the opportunity arises... I take it. And now, being a new Mama, I can enjoy my semi "do nothing day" with my baby love. We just hang out, play, eat, poop, pee, sleep, smile, coo, and snuggle as much as possible.
When you have a "do nothing day", you wear your pj's all day... cause you don't have to do anything or see anyone. You don't do laundry or dishes (unless you just want to) and you don't even have to answer the phone - - if you don't want to.
It's your time. A few precious hours to shut out the JUNK... the stuff... the TO DO LIST... the world. Not that we don't love to do stuff. I for one, really enjoy life and therefore enjoy doing the STUFF too. But the "do nothing day" is often more needed than I realized. Today is one of those days! (Blogging is allowed because it's not stressful!!)
If you've been overwhelmed, overworked, under appreciated, worn out, bogged down, or just want a fun day to Chill Out... This AtlantaMama highly recommends a "do nothing day"!!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Today's Precious Moments

Today holds two great memories. The kinds of moments that you want to hold on to forever!

The first came while taking a bath with my baby. He has just starting to sit up now, so we just got in together and he was able to sit up (with my help) greatly enjoyed kicking in the water! I just became overwhelmed by emotion as I thought of the day - not so long ago in August - when I labored in that very bath tub for a while with my husband reading to me to help me get thru the contractions... And now, here he is, he's 15 weeks old, playing in the bath!! I can't believe it. Sometimes it just hits me all over again... I'm a Mom now. WOW. I am just amazed. He's growing SO fast and learning things so quickly already. What a blessing.

The second amazing memory made today was actually over at my parents house. We went out to dinner with my family for my Dad's birthday. Happy Birthday Daddy!! Then we all went to look at Christmas lights and then back over to their house. I nursed the baby and then we all just hung out. My husband had been outside helping my Dad with some lights or something. He came back in took the baby (who had already had a blow-out, diaper change, clothes change, and had then spit up ALL over the new outfit) to burp him. We were all watching some football when I looked over & realized that my boys were in the other living room. My husband had taken him in the room where my Mom & Dad's Christmas Tree was set up. I walked in there to check on them, when I was taken back. Overwhelmed by a wave of emotions, I saw my husband laying on the floor next to my son... both of them with their heads up under the tree... gazing up at all of the white lights and beautiful ornaments... with huge smiles and sweet cooing!!! My, my... what a site to see. His first Christmas. And there they are just soaking it all in and just hanging out as Father and Son! I took some pictures and a short video. I want to remember that snap shot FOREVER!

Thank you Lord for these precious times. Thank you for my sweet little family!!