Monday, December 31, 2007

Jesus looses fingers on New Years Eve


The History of our Jesus:
So... we got this statue of Jesus at a Wedding shower (over four years ago) and it's stayed with us... It has had a new home on our Kitchen counter top for a few months since we moved some shelves around.

The Incident:
It's New Years Eve night -- we have my other blogger friend and Bo and Caroline over for dinner and hang out time... Ruth Allen was in the Kitchen making some yummy Brownies while I was nursing my little guy and our husbands were fully caught up in a video game. All of the sudden I look in the the next room to see Ruth Allen laughing so hard that she can't tell me WHAT she is laughing about... What happened? Something with the Brownie mix? She finally pauses long enough to say, "I should not be laughing, I should be crying!" - - "Jesus lost a finger!!!!" What? Oh, that little statue of Jesus in there... Oh, goodness. Then she brings it in to show all of us - - The laughter is contagious!!

He's showing the sign of LOVE at least!! Nothing a little super glue can't fix!

She even carefully saved His fingers in a Ziploc baggie and attached it to my refrigerator. Now that is a good friend. At least she made herself at home!


Ruth Allen Bryant said...

Hysterical... thanks for laughing with me. We had a great time last night. Yall are dear to us!

AtlantaMama said...

Everytime i see Him (right there near my sink) i just have to laugh again. I am glad that she's "showing His love" in this way.... It was a fun night!! A great new year's eve. We want to play that game again when we have more time... and it's not already 1am with babies AWAKE!!!

Writeaway said...

The whole site of Jesus' fingers in a bag on your refrigerator is just disturbing....

You two are psychos!

beezer said...

At least your Jesus only lost some fingers. When I was in college, my dog ate Jesus, right out of his manger.