Saturday, December 1, 2007

Today's Precious Moments

Today holds two great memories. The kinds of moments that you want to hold on to forever!

The first came while taking a bath with my baby. He has just starting to sit up now, so we just got in together and he was able to sit up (with my help) greatly enjoyed kicking in the water! I just became overwhelmed by emotion as I thought of the day - not so long ago in August - when I labored in that very bath tub for a while with my husband reading to me to help me get thru the contractions... And now, here he is, he's 15 weeks old, playing in the bath!! I can't believe it. Sometimes it just hits me all over again... I'm a Mom now. WOW. I am just amazed. He's growing SO fast and learning things so quickly already. What a blessing.

The second amazing memory made today was actually over at my parents house. We went out to dinner with my family for my Dad's birthday. Happy Birthday Daddy!! Then we all went to look at Christmas lights and then back over to their house. I nursed the baby and then we all just hung out. My husband had been outside helping my Dad with some lights or something. He came back in took the baby (who had already had a blow-out, diaper change, clothes change, and had then spit up ALL over the new outfit) to burp him. We were all watching some football when I looked over & realized that my boys were in the other living room. My husband had taken him in the room where my Mom & Dad's Christmas Tree was set up. I walked in there to check on them, when I was taken back. Overwhelmed by a wave of emotions, I saw my husband laying on the floor next to my son... both of them with their heads up under the tree... gazing up at all of the white lights and beautiful ornaments... with huge smiles and sweet cooing!!! My, my... what a site to see. His first Christmas. And there they are just soaking it all in and just hanging out as Father and Son! I took some pictures and a short video. I want to remember that snap shot FOREVER!

Thank you Lord for these precious times. Thank you for my sweet little family!!

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