Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Power Together like Sea Otters

The other day, my husband had on the Discovery Channel. It was just "back ground" in our busy living room before we were about to leave to attend a Christmas party.

The TV show started talking about Sea Otters. Cute. Whatever. La-Dee-Da. Well... the most profound thing happen and it just meant so much to me that I am compelled to share the story with all of you. (Looked for the video clip, but to no avail.)

The Sea Otters are swimming and cute. The narrator explained that they get in "Family Groups" up to 17 strong. Neat. Then, in the water near by, the villain, the Crocodile. Dumm, Dumm, Dumm. I said to my Husband, "If they show these little sea otters getting eaten I'm changing the channel!" But it's one of those things where you almost can't look away... What's gonna happen?

To my astonishment, the Crock and Sea Otter encounter was not what I expected.

As the Crock approached the group of Sea Otters, He did snap at them. Of course. But he did not "get one". And to my complete surprise, the Sea Otters did not run away (swim away) as fast as their little feet would take them. No, no. These Sea Otters came together and taunted this huge bully. They sort of charged him, as a group. He snapped several times but began to back up back into the water and away from them. They continued to walk toward him & even at times, they stepped toward his big open mouth with a million teeth. They did not fear him. They were not alone.

There is great power when we are together. Do you have a bully? Maybe you have something on your back, something bothering you. Jesus said, Whatever you ask in My name, I will do. Maybe you need to be reminded that you can come together with others who believe as you believe, and together, we will walk toward that bully, that sickness, that issue (no matter how big and scary) - - and it will flee!!! You are not alone.


Kelly said...

Hi there, I found you blog surfing today. Good writing! I am looking foward to reading more.

Mari Helms said...

What a great example of bearing one another's burdens!

shawna said...

Wow this was a great article... Just want I needed to hear. Thanks Shawna

Writeaway said...

I feel empowered!!!!