Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My MOMologue Today

1.) I'm working one day a week doing child care (at my church). Including my 6 month old, I have been given responsibility over 8 kids and oldest are 3 & 1/2 years old. Yes... I said the oldest. Today was craziness personified. We have two in the separation anxiety phase, 4 who are still in diapers, and the toddlers take turns "testing" me. I love kids, don't get me wrong. But John & Kate + 8 How Do You Do It??? I'm there for 5 hours. Sometimes 5 & a half. After the kids get picked up I get to disinfect toys (gotta love that new Clorox Anywhere), wipe down tables and chairs, strip changing tables, empty trash, and vacuum with a vacuum that doesn't really work. Some Mom's of multiples do this everyday and don't get paid. My heroes!!

2.) My sweet husband has been between jobs and therefore home with us. I've loved it. You can't get back the time when the baby is 5 & 6 months old... and he's getting to be so hands on. While home with me he is often forced to watch cable Fox News (because I am a political news junky or what he would call: a nerd), and the TLC shows, and some HGTV. The other day, he was spurred on by an organizing show that I had on and he decided to go to work in our kitchen.
He literally took EVERYTHING out of every cabinet. Sorted. Trashed. Stored. And then re loaded the kitchen to look like a store. You can see every spice and can label. The best part for me is the tupperwear (Chip you will like this too)... He only kept things with matching lids, then he stacked each brand together so you don't have to dig for the right size and then pray about the lids ever again. He should have a TV show!!

3.) There are randomly a lot of lady bugs in my house this week. Why is that? Are lady bugs really bugs? They seem so friendly.

4.) My son is 6 months old now... his eating & sleeping has been predictable for several months. I'm blessed with a 3 napper: 10am, 1:15pm, & 5pm and then bed time is around 7:30 or 8pm most nights. Now that he is more aware of things we are more careful about noise until we know that he's more deeply asleep. I cannot tell you how many times we've worked to get him down and then I've back stepped onto the singing Alphabet Pal or bumped into the ExerSaucer. I now know that our 4th step from the top is the one that is loud so I skip over it. I now know that the floor pops near the left side of the sofa. And I now know the exact path to take when exiting the bed room. Stay asleep. Stay asleep.

5.) Breastfeeding has changed A LOT from the Newborn days of 45 minutes on the first side and 20 on the second.... to being like a 5 minute deal with no pain and no hassle. We have started adding in rice cereal with one feeding each day and so far he loves it. I still hate pumping. In a sidebar: I thought my supply a decreased a lot & got worried. It had changed some because of his age now... but when I got my blood drawn the other day they couldn't get enough because I was very dehydrated. The nurse asked, "Have you had any WATER today?" I had had coffee with breakfast and juice with lunch. She had me drink lots of water & then drew. This can really effect your milk supply. Water is pertinent. It's just ask important when you are nursing as it is when you are pregnant.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

We Found It...

We found paci heaven yesterday.

Pacifiers are curious things at our house. Some times I have 100 and other days I cannot find A paci anywhere when the baby needs a nap. Or I can only find the "bad" one, or the "ok" one, but non of the "GOOD" pacis are around. The GOOD ones are the NUK brand. Those are the ones that my son took to as a Newborn baby... and he still likes those the best out of all his selection.

Where is paci heaven? You may ask. Well, you know that small gap between your bed mattress and your headboard... those suckers jump down there at night... and then when there are several escapees down there on the carpet, they hang out together doing who knows what! Caught 'em!! Now back to work fellas!

Now... If we could only find sock heaven...

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

great consignment sale

Born Again Blessings .com

"One of Marietta's finest children's consignment sales."

This weekend at the Cobb Civic Center... Don't Miss This One!!
I attended (and worked a shift) last year before I knew the gender of my baby. I bought an EB Crib, a Pack N Play, a Changing Table and many other large items for a fraction of the cost. And it's NICE stuff too. I think most of what I bought had hardly been used. Now that I have my son and he's already over 20 lbs and growing so fast... I plan to shop the clothes!! You can find name brands for a great deal at this sale.
The money from this consignment sale benifits our community. The church who leads it, gives the money to people who are in need. What a great cause!!
Come & Shop!!! --> (Babies and Strollers are Welcome at this Sale)

Friday, February 15, 2008

New This Week

The past week has been fun and exciting for my little guy...

He's rolling over - or flopping, as we say - a good bit more now! On the move. Getting dressed is often a challenge but I've found that giving him a toy, a diaper (a clean on of course), or an artical of clothing distracts just enough to allow me to get the job done! He's cooing a lot and enjoys laughing at Mama singin' The Wheels On The Bus and other fun songs!

He had the second runny/icky nose, of his entire 6 month life, this past week. Poor guy. We thought it might be related to teething and yet no teeth have emerged. Anyhow, I was using water to soften it and then the big "sucker outer" ball that every baby hates. Well.... My husband was using it a few days ago and I guess this ball is slow go. I mean you really have to see the booger and keep working for it. Well, I look over and my sweet husband has resorted to a method not commenly used in the Western culture -- he used his mouth!! Now it's not quite what you may think. Well, yes it is. But the icky stuff did not get in his mouth. He simply used his mouth to "pull it down" and then he continued to use the "sucker outer" ball to complete the transaction! It worked.

If you lived in another country and did not have access to the booger bulbs, would you get in there and use your own mouth?? (leave me a comment....)

In other news, I have started my own photography buisness now. It's coming along. I really enjoy photography, we have a great camera, I got editing software for Christmas, and we already had a web site that I have just been tweaking it to use it for this new endevour. I can set up my own appointments and I can still stay home with my baby love!! And I'm also working at my church one day a week keeping 8 children (including mine) and the oldest kids are 3& 1/2!! WOW!

And finally, I lost my cell phone all day yesterday. What did we do before cell phones? (Remember Pagers?) Well, I really felt lost with out it in my pocket!! When we returned home I found it... In the SOFA!!!! Where else?! Yeah, I'm connected to the world again.
So, Happy late V'day to you... We had a good one.

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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Therapeutic Blogging

Therapeutic Blogging.... some times we need to vent....

I once heard this story
(Louie G) about how this guy had this random painting hung in his house. No one knew what it was and it was sort of odd looking. He explained that that artwork was a piece of a much larger painting that was his Mothers. When he looked at it, he saw the WHOLE picture. That small portion represented something greater.

I feel like that is the way God sees my life right now. I only see this small portion and I step back at times and say, “Huh?” I squint my eyes to see if that makes the picture make more sense. It looks a little odd. What does it all mean?!

Yet there is a bigger picture. I just can’t see it from where I am. In fact I can’t see 2 months ahead from where I am… and even squinting doesn’t seem to bring any enhanced focus to my view.

And life is not Just about destinations
(while it is important to know where you are going) the journey is quite an adventure for us. When I was little and we would drive to Disney World, instead of flying, my Mom & Dad would say, “Getting there is half the fun!” We are embarking on a trip. We enjoyed watching movies in the car, singing, and playing the “I’m Thinking Of Game”. We would get gummie worms at the gas stops and even ended up spending one night in an all purple motel room because my dad was too sleepy to keep driving. Seriously, all purple! Royal purple from the walls, to the curtains, to the bed covers. Yikes. But Oh, the memories we have made from the journey. The great talks my family has had while driving to our destination. We would not trade it. We would not go back and change it. Yet so often in my life, I find that I’m wanting to beam myself straight to “Disney World”. In times of transition like this, I wonder if all of my uncertainties and concerns are causing me to miss this place in our adventure. You know? This maybe a gas station stop that I did not want. (Like one of those really yucky ones where you are afraid to pee.) There is a reason for it though. It’s a piece of the painting. And this is our trip in the palm of the hand of God.

He will not let us fall. He will not let us miss anything we need or miss out on the next place to go. He sees the whole picture. He sees not only the destination, but all of the purple motel memories along the path. He sees the other lives that we need encounter and effect along the way. His timing is perfect. His faithfulness is unending. He cannot NOT be faithful for that his is nature…

Faithfulness is part of who God is.
(And God is not a contradiction of Himself) So, he will carry us thru this odd time. And I will keep faith. And keep squinting to see a little further up that road.

Thank you therapeutic blog.

Monday, February 4, 2008

BLOG Give Away

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She sent it to Annie (My Good Friend!!) so that she could give it away on her blog!! So go there and put a comment on the post and you could (maybe) be the proud new owner of an AWESOME new book.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

More about my husband...

So, maybe you are like me and you read your new baby mags while in the restroom? Well, I guess I left one out in the floor and well....

Maybe my husband thinks PAMPERS should have a more hard core target market these days?!

Thanks for decorating my magazine Honey!! You're always entertaining!