Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My MOMologue Today

1.) I'm working one day a week doing child care (at my church). Including my 6 month old, I have been given responsibility over 8 kids and oldest are 3 & 1/2 years old. Yes... I said the oldest. Today was craziness personified. We have two in the separation anxiety phase, 4 who are still in diapers, and the toddlers take turns "testing" me. I love kids, don't get me wrong. But John & Kate + 8 How Do You Do It??? I'm there for 5 hours. Sometimes 5 & a half. After the kids get picked up I get to disinfect toys (gotta love that new Clorox Anywhere), wipe down tables and chairs, strip changing tables, empty trash, and vacuum with a vacuum that doesn't really work. Some Mom's of multiples do this everyday and don't get paid. My heroes!!

2.) My sweet husband has been between jobs and therefore home with us. I've loved it. You can't get back the time when the baby is 5 & 6 months old... and he's getting to be so hands on. While home with me he is often forced to watch cable Fox News (because I am a political news junky or what he would call: a nerd), and the TLC shows, and some HGTV. The other day, he was spurred on by an organizing show that I had on and he decided to go to work in our kitchen.
He literally took EVERYTHING out of every cabinet. Sorted. Trashed. Stored. And then re loaded the kitchen to look like a store. You can see every spice and can label. The best part for me is the tupperwear (Chip you will like this too)... He only kept things with matching lids, then he stacked each brand together so you don't have to dig for the right size and then pray about the lids ever again. He should have a TV show!!

3.) There are randomly a lot of lady bugs in my house this week. Why is that? Are lady bugs really bugs? They seem so friendly.

4.) My son is 6 months old now... his eating & sleeping has been predictable for several months. I'm blessed with a 3 napper: 10am, 1:15pm, & 5pm and then bed time is around 7:30 or 8pm most nights. Now that he is more aware of things we are more careful about noise until we know that he's more deeply asleep. I cannot tell you how many times we've worked to get him down and then I've back stepped onto the singing Alphabet Pal or bumped into the ExerSaucer. I now know that our 4th step from the top is the one that is loud so I skip over it. I now know that the floor pops near the left side of the sofa. And I now know the exact path to take when exiting the bed room. Stay asleep. Stay asleep.

5.) Breastfeeding has changed A LOT from the Newborn days of 45 minutes on the first side and 20 on the second.... to being like a 5 minute deal with no pain and no hassle. We have started adding in rice cereal with one feeding each day and so far he loves it. I still hate pumping. In a sidebar: I thought my supply a decreased a lot & got worried. It had changed some because of his age now... but when I got my blood drawn the other day they couldn't get enough because I was very dehydrated. The nurse asked, "Have you had any WATER today?" I had had coffee with breakfast and juice with lunch. She had me drink lots of water & then drew. This can really effect your milk supply. Water is pertinent. It's just ask important when you are nursing as it is when you are pregnant.


Ruth Allen Bryant said...

Yep, you gotta keep drinking that water!! It is so nice when they can nurse so fast. Your Paci heaven blog....hilarious. Your recount of today...not so hilarious. It's just too much. I wish you could have had your Jamocha shake. I hope the Baskin Robins alternative was amazing. Love you.

Writeaway said...

I offered to come and help you with childcare today, but no. You are superwoman and you can do just fine without me. But now you have discovered an important truth... you still need your mama!

AtlantaMama said...

I did get a Moca Blast from BR and it was great. However much too much $$ to do it again. They better get the Jamoca thing fixed soon.

And to writeaway, I know. I should have taken you up on it before the day fell apart. But we got thru it Ok. And I sure did not feel like superwoman. More like 'woman on the edge' or 'woman about to cry'. (These are working titles.)

Ruth Allen Bryant said...

You better let your mama help you next time! I wanted to cry just hearing about it. 2 other things...waiting on your 10 things and I meant to tell you I love the name of your post...momolouge!

Chip said...

Hey ... I'm getting caught up with the blogs. Three cheers to Brent and his organizing. I knew I liked the guy.