Friday, February 15, 2008

New This Week

The past week has been fun and exciting for my little guy...

He's rolling over - or flopping, as we say - a good bit more now! On the move. Getting dressed is often a challenge but I've found that giving him a toy, a diaper (a clean on of course), or an artical of clothing distracts just enough to allow me to get the job done! He's cooing a lot and enjoys laughing at Mama singin' The Wheels On The Bus and other fun songs!

He had the second runny/icky nose, of his entire 6 month life, this past week. Poor guy. We thought it might be related to teething and yet no teeth have emerged. Anyhow, I was using water to soften it and then the big "sucker outer" ball that every baby hates. Well.... My husband was using it a few days ago and I guess this ball is slow go. I mean you really have to see the booger and keep working for it. Well, I look over and my sweet husband has resorted to a method not commenly used in the Western culture -- he used his mouth!! Now it's not quite what you may think. Well, yes it is. But the icky stuff did not get in his mouth. He simply used his mouth to "pull it down" and then he continued to use the "sucker outer" ball to complete the transaction! It worked.

If you lived in another country and did not have access to the booger bulbs, would you get in there and use your own mouth?? (leave me a comment....)

In other news, I have started my own photography buisness now. It's coming along. I really enjoy photography, we have a great camera, I got editing software for Christmas, and we already had a web site that I have just been tweaking it to use it for this new endevour. I can set up my own appointments and I can still stay home with my baby love!! And I'm also working at my church one day a week keeping 8 children (including mine) and the oldest kids are 3& 1/2!! WOW!

And finally, I lost my cell phone all day yesterday. What did we do before cell phones? (Remember Pagers?) Well, I really felt lost with out it in my pocket!! When we returned home I found it... In the SOFA!!!! Where else?! Yeah, I'm connected to the world again.
So, Happy late V'day to you... We had a good one.

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Mari said...

Okay, so where is the link to your website? You will do can capture the "moment" and I'm speaking from experience.

Once Elijah gets up and around you will lose your cell phone more frequently and the couch is usually the second place to look, the first is the trash. Again, speaking from experience.

Chip said...

OK ... he doesn't have to do that. Husbands, let's rally around him so that this doesn't happen again! There are booger extraction techniques that do not involve the use of the mouth!

We'll pray for him.

AtlantaMama said...

THANKS Chip!! There is a better way!!!

Writeaway said...

Dad says, "Sounds pretty ingenious to me..." Typical macho reaction. I have to admit, that approach would never cross my mind. Note to son-in-law from the farm: In the city, we use a Q-tip. It doesn't require sucking boogers.


Ruth Allen Bryant said...

To answer the question... I did lick Caroline's face the time she got into the infant motrin in a desperate move to see if she'd consumed any, but I don't think I could suck her boogers. Gag!