Saturday, February 21, 2009

Kissing our Baby Boy

As my blog world friends know, we have a son. I cannot tell you the number of times we have had negative comments about KISSING our little boy. --THIS IS A VENTING POST-- It's the random people whom we've encountered while out and about who have felt the need to share their opinions about kissing boys.
Seriously? Just because we have a boy we should be any less affectionate than if we had had a sweet little girl?! We love our son. We are crazy about him. And YES, we DO KISS HIM and he kisses us. Not only do we believe it's Ok, we believe it's essential. We are choosing to love him on purpose. We want him to KNOW that he is dearly loved and well taken care of by his family.
It is not my goal to "toughen him up" before the age of two. Believe me, he's all boy! I'm not worried that kisses from Mama and Daddy are going to make him a softy. But that seems to be the concern.

Once, as we were leaving the doctors office my husband was consoling our little boy. He kissed him and told him that everything was Ok and whispered 'I Love You' to him. The lady who worked the front desk made a very negative comment about that. As if Dad's should not kiss their baby boys. As we left and got outside, we talked about how this was not the first time we had heard something like this... and why?! Is it the thinking of past generations?
I don't think it's biblical. I mean, as a family, we are called to represent God's love. God's love is unconditional. God's love is deep and intimate and true. He doesn't 1/2 love us. He is not distant or independent or stand-off-ish. God is near. God cares about everything we are going thru. God is the best Dad we could ever want. God's love is powerful... His love drives out fear!
We really try not to make negative comments to people who do things differently. And we are not perfect parents... But we DO KISS!
What say you blog world???

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happy 18 Month Birthday!

Happy Year & a Half Big Boy!!!
We love you so very much!

Highlights of Month 17....
Month 17 Highlights:
-loves Tig (Tigger) more then ever
-Daddy's 30th Birthday and family dinner at a Japanese steak house
-more climbing
-got a new President
-playing with friends & his cousin, interacting, sharing, etc...
-threw up on mom for the first time (as in, NOT spit up)
-eating bananas now (thanks Mowgli)
-saying short sentences "there's a ball in there"
-calling Dad "my Daddy" or "my DaDa" (he melts)
-kissing all the time, asking for a kiss from Mama, and giving kisses
-great with hi-fives even when you just met someone
-loves the slide Daddy made and can "do it" by your self

-Still cutting in the top molar (it's taking a while)
-weening, beginning the weening process
-not nursing during the day
-Running Full Out !!!
-Enjoy going to the park and the mountain
-2nd Valentines Day

-First time to see the Circus (we don't recommend the Barnum and Bailey "Over The Top" Circus... 1.) It was not the family show we remembered 2.) There was not as much of the animals as we remembered and our little guy didn't seem to care about the other parts of the show very much) It was fun.

-First time to Centennial Olympic Park and you loved the fountains

-Size 7w shoe
-Size 5 Diapers (which look HUGE on you)
-Still have your favorite Doggy - still no name - "your dog"

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Children's Consignment Sale -- This Weekend

Born Again Blessings Consignment Sale

Born Again Blessings
Children's Consignment Sale
Cobb County Civic Center
548 S Marietta Parkway

Friday February 20th 9am-7pm
Saturday February 21st 9am-noon

To sell or work go to


Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Valentines Gift

My husband was extra thoughtful this year for Valentines Day...

He said that I went all out for his 30th birthday (thinking of ways to make it special) so he wanted to do something extra for me for this Valentines Day.

He made a keepsake video of himself -- talking about the 7 things he loves most about me. I thought about posting the video, but I decided that some of what he said is really just for me. I will tell you that it's amazing and he did some cool editing things to really make it personal (like including a song that I love over the menu screen) and it has a Valentines themed background that he created. And I love that it's a video that I will always have and that I can watch it over and over again! He put a lot of thought and time into this... which is why it means so much. Something this special means WAY MORE than anything he could buy as a gift. It is such a treasure.
I will share his top 7 list...

The Top 7 Things He Loves About Me Are
#7 Positive and Optimistic
#6 Beautiful
#5 Creativity
#4 Thoughtfulness
#3 Mother
#2 Friendship
#1 Heart for God and the things of His Kingdom

God had been doing so much in our lives and this Valentines gift is such a reflection of God's faithfulness and love. I feel like a big shift came about after we saw a video about the culture of honor. Instead of looking for the things that we don't like, or pointing out the things that drive us crazy. We now make a point of pulling out the good in each other (and in others). Look for the treasure in that person and pull that out. We look for ways to not only serve and bless each other, but to out bless each other! The culture and the climate of our house has changed. God is so good to show us deeper and deeper forms of His love after being married for five years and transitioning to parenthood together. His love is deep and wide! The other recent blessing, is the Sozo ministry we've experienced. Awesome stuff! I'll write more later... Media

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Marriage in Waiting and Hope

I hope this video will be a great encouragement to those who are struggling in marriage. Maybe Valentines Day was not so great this year. Or maybe you are just waiting for a BREAKTHROUGH!!! Continue to wait on the Lord to move and continue to HOPE because the Lord is faithful. This video is very powerful.

Please also see: WAITING posted on: OUT OF DEEP WATERS

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines

Happy Valentines Day

Dear Valentine,
It has been quite an adventure to be married to you for these first five years! We have been through "a whole heap together". We've experienced the lovie-dovie in love times of being newly weds, we've worked together, traveled together, we've even been through the difficult times of job changes and life stresses.
You have been supportive of me through some of the toughest months of my life. You have been strong, kept the faith, and most of all... you held on to hope for me and for us. Thank you. Thick and Thin, my love.
In 2007, we had our first child and our lives were changed forever... for the better! We were a family from the start of the pregnancy and it was (and is) wonderful! He's an amazing mini version of YOU. Full of personality, life, and JOY! It's been so awesome to learn to be parents together.
Throughout the years that we have known each other, God has been at work in our lives. He has taken us from being Christians who were striving -- to becoming Christ followers who are seeking first the Kingdom of God... going after the things He's called us to... and finally knowing that we are loved, by the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords just because we are His children. Oh, the freedom!
Now we are in a new season of life. Ready to run. Ready for new adventures.
And I just want to take the opportunity to say that it is an honor to do life together with YOU!
I began praying for a Godly husband when I was in middle school and I know that my parents prayed for you since the time of my birth. You have told me that you were praying for me too. GOD ANSWERS PRAYER! He has brought us together! For marriage, for friendship, for parenting, and for calling. May His Will Be Done In Our Lives!!!

I love you. I am in love with you.
Happy Valentines Day 2009

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Spirit of Adoption

My friends new blog and journey to adoption:

How it all began...
Mark and I began to explore our options in adoption in 1999 after a few years of being unable to have children biologically. In 2000, we found out we were pregnant and put our adoption plans on hold but never quite closed the book. We now have 2 AMAZING biological boys, ages 6 & 7! This fall, 2008, Mark and I decided together that we were ready to open the book on adoption again! After careful prayer and consideration, we are planning on adopting 2 children from Ghana, West Africa!

Read More:

I love adoption. God has given me the spirit of adoption deep in my heart. I enjoy what people like Steven Curtis Chapman have done to make it easier on families who so desperately want a baby.

Friday, February 6, 2009

My Baby and Me

Here is a photo (above) of my little Bear at 17 mo old.
(below) is a photo of me as a baby/toddler.

Do you think we look alike at all? Most everyone who sees him, says, "he looks JUST LIKE HIS DADDY!!!" That's a good thing, but I guess I sorta wanna be in there somewhere! ; )

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

God is good

Hello Bloggy Friends and Readers,
God has been doing a lot in my life in the past few months. I have seen his faithfulness yet again. And He always reminds me that He is faithful... He cannot NOT be faithful because He is faithful. (As that is part of His name) And I am grateful for His constant goodness and faithfulness. His love is truly unconditional. We not only don't have to earn it, we can't earn it. It's freely given. His love is not like our own -- it's supernatural love. I just wanted to share this with you to encourage you today. Look to Him. Seek Him. He does not want to be a mystery or to be hidden. In Jeremiah 29 the Bible says that when we seek him with all of our hearts, we will find Him. That's an amazing promise. Anyway, I don't really have anything profound to say... I just want to bless and praise the name of Jesus and I want to encourage those of you who might feel that you are still in the middle of something... God is faithful. - Atlanta Mama