Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Valentines Gift

My husband was extra thoughtful this year for Valentines Day...

He said that I went all out for his 30th birthday (thinking of ways to make it special) so he wanted to do something extra for me for this Valentines Day.

He made a keepsake video of himself -- talking about the 7 things he loves most about me. I thought about posting the video, but I decided that some of what he said is really just for me. I will tell you that it's amazing and he did some cool editing things to really make it personal (like including a song that I love over the menu screen) and it has a Valentines themed background that he created. And I love that it's a video that I will always have and that I can watch it over and over again! He put a lot of thought and time into this... which is why it means so much. Something this special means WAY MORE than anything he could buy as a gift. It is such a treasure.
I will share his top 7 list...

The Top 7 Things He Loves About Me Are
#7 Positive and Optimistic
#6 Beautiful
#5 Creativity
#4 Thoughtfulness
#3 Mother
#2 Friendship
#1 Heart for God and the things of His Kingdom

God had been doing so much in our lives and this Valentines gift is such a reflection of God's faithfulness and love. I feel like a big shift came about after we saw a video about the culture of honor. Instead of looking for the things that we don't like, or pointing out the things that drive us crazy. We now make a point of pulling out the good in each other (and in others). Look for the treasure in that person and pull that out. We look for ways to not only serve and bless each other, but to out bless each other! The culture and the climate of our house has changed. God is so good to show us deeper and deeper forms of His love after being married for five years and transitioning to parenthood together. His love is deep and wide! The other recent blessing, is the Sozo ministry we've experienced. Awesome stuff! I'll write more later... Media

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AtlantaMama said...

Culture of Honor info from their web site:

Danny & Sheri Silk

The culture of Heaven is honour. When Jesus prayed to the Father "Your Kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven" he was including the whole culture of heaven. A revival environment creates increasing levels of joy, freedom and peace. These qualities will only remain to the degree that we protect our relationships with one another. The practice of honour is often a lost art in our modern culture. The Lord is restoring the value and practice of honour in His house. Our churches and homes will only be as strong as they are free. Restoring a culture of honour to our communities and nation will come as the Church embraces this call.

What are you building? If you're not building a legacy, you are developing a monument unto yourself. God wants to create a family, a legacy, a culture of true discipleship where people are loved and cared for, corrected, and directed, nurtured, and embraced - not a monument! You were created as a Christian to disciple and be discipled.

Discover how to build a culture of honour in your marriage, family,
church, ministry and workplace.

The Video Guy said...

You are all those things and more my love!