Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My Update

A few things from the past few days....

1. Bananas make a mess! We know this. And yet, I had this crazy idea that feeding him mushy little bites of a banana would allow me to get my grocery shopping finished in peace. It was the biggest mess I've seen. Ok, maybe not as bad as the Peas! But seriously it was all over his face, neck, arms, hands and all over the cute shopping cart cover!! I even had an older lady stop me to teach me that if I opened the Banana from the bottom (instead of the normal way that God intended) that all of the little strings would stay attached to the peal and the baby would really like that better because they don't like the strings. Thanks. I'll try that next time when I'm not in the middle of Publix and the baby is not fussing! He hated it because it was not liquid.

2. I was out and about with several stops one day this week and realized I had NO MORE diapers. I'm a terrible Mom, I thought. There were NON in the diaper bag -- thus the bags very name is screaming, "You're a complete failure". There were NON in the car. What is a Mom to do? Use what you got. I took two size 1 diapers and attached them to make a size 3 diaper. Not kidding!! You lay one under the other about 1/2 down and use the attachment things to stick the bottom one to the top one. Then I flipped the whole thing over and applied LOTS of clear tape where the two diapers met to hope and pray that it would hold in the stuff. I even made an additional rig to take in the car in case we needed a spare along the way. I am happy to say it sort of worked and I now don't feel like a failure. It was a chance to be creative I guess.

3. I HATE the new car commercial that states, "Do you know what life is? Life is High School with Money!" I HATE IT!! I want my life to be so much more. I cannot think of anything more superficial than High School and Money. What temporary pleasure-seekers are they targeting? It's sad... really sad. Life is a gift from God and we all have a great purpose and plan. It's not just about some unattainable standard of coolness. Ridiculousness.

CIRCUS O'Babies:
4. In my one-day-a-week child care job... last week I had 11 kids. The oldest was 4. There were 6 in diapers (including mine). But this week my husband came with me and helped out. It was great to have him there. I still don't know how John&Kate +8 do it day in a day out!! They must have help.

5. My little baby love and I had a great play group last weekend at our town square and then we all went to get ice cream together (which was mainly for the Moms). It was really fun!!

6. The Baby has been trying to pull up and stand up (with in the week and half that he's been crawling now). Well, he succeeded today! He pulled up on his own TODAY!!!! Such a big boy!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

I love Peas

I Love Peas.....

From My Head Down To My Knees...

More Peas, Please!
Sometimes the pictures tell the whole story!!!!!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

He's Got the Moves

Some of the baby milestones seem to happen over night. It is like, they just wake up one day and decide to go for it!

He is crawling today! Yes, Crawling!

Yesterday he made one crawl forward toward my mom. But today he's really crawling forward to reach a toy (or mom's cell phone) several feet away! The first time he did it this morning, I was in the other room. Daddy saw him crawl 3 or 4 moves and he called me into the room. The baby-love's doing so good.

He had been crawling backwards for about two months, as you may remember from another posting. But between rolling and the military crawl, he could get to whatever he wanted.

Now... look out... full speed ahead.

It' like each movement is so thought out, so calculated, so intentional. He will get ready, see the goal (the bright toy a few feet away) and GO! Oh, how I learn a lot from watching my baby grow. It's amazing!!

Thanks for sharing all of this with me = )

Saturday, April 19, 2008

8 Months Old Today

Our little babylove is 8 Months old today!! That's hard to believe.

This week
-he has learned how to sit up on his own (from rolling, to the crawl/all-fours, to sitting up)
-2nd tooth came in
-moving more and more each day
-loves to walk with help

Bye, bye month 7

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Today's Embarrassments

1.) Realizing that my 2nd-to-top button was unbuttoned
2.) Tripping on an uneven sidewalk while other people watched (didn't fall all the way down but made a not-so-graceful leap!)
3.) Having to go through a metal detector and then being scanned over by a guard (because my shoes had a metal loop... I promise I don't carry weapons)
4.) Seeing someone you know when you don't want to see anyone you know is hard enough, but in my case today -- it was my principal from high school
5.) And finally, trying to drive straight out of my parking space only to find that there WAS a small median (what do you call those things... the parking space cement rectangles that you cannot in fact drive over) so you just put that sucker in reverse and act like no one heard that awful thump

The End.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

New Blog Friends:

Mom Friend Tara:


Great Blog... Cute baby boy!!
Friend of a Friend Blog by Jon:
Cool blog site. Funny writer!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Blog Rebellion

So... Long Time, No Blog!

True confession... I have been in a blog rebellion. Have you ever?

I got frustrated one day in the lower-than-expected number of hits and comments on my blog and I just lost the will. "Is anyone really reading it?", I wondered. One thing led to another and I just didn't blog for a few weeks!

I'm back!!

Now I have many blogs stored up and bursting to be posted. It's like not emptying your digital camera card. Do you ever "write" blogs in your mind... while driving... while walking... while doing whatever...

Comments or No, I'm back and ready to post!