Thursday, April 17, 2008


Today's Embarrassments

1.) Realizing that my 2nd-to-top button was unbuttoned
2.) Tripping on an uneven sidewalk while other people watched (didn't fall all the way down but made a not-so-graceful leap!)
3.) Having to go through a metal detector and then being scanned over by a guard (because my shoes had a metal loop... I promise I don't carry weapons)
4.) Seeing someone you know when you don't want to see anyone you know is hard enough, but in my case today -- it was my principal from high school
5.) And finally, trying to drive straight out of my parking space only to find that there WAS a small median (what do you call those things... the parking space cement rectangles that you cannot in fact drive over) so you just put that sucker in reverse and act like no one heard that awful thump

The End.


Writeaway said...

The "I Love Lucy" queen is back!

cami said...

i always see Mr. Williams at awkward moments, too!! love that!

Lindy Simpson Jones said...

I love it... girl, we have all been there... to all 5!!