Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy 30th

My Husband is now 30!!!

I love you and I hope that your next 30 years will be even more wonderful and amazing... there are so many exciting things ahead of us...

the awesome slide my husband just built for our little guy
our little bear wants to be like his Daddy and always wants to "help"... change the filter on the frig, hammer, lawn work, whatever... he loves his Daddy!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Fever After MMR Shot

My little guy has been running a fever since Monday and last night was rough. I, personally, did not go to bed/sleep until 6AM!! We got him in to go see the doctor today and they checked several things... not an ear infection (possibly a minor one, but not one that would cause this kind of fever), not urinary / bladder, not strep, and there are really no other symptoms. Just a fever. It spiked last night and the Tylenol did not break it. I was concerned. It was not just the typical low-grade teething type. Poor guy. The only other symptoms were some greenish poopie diapers lately - ever since he had his shots two weeks ago. Then the doctor said that all of this, the fever and the diapers, could be a reaction to the MMR shot. From two weeks ago?? Huh? I would have thought it would be out of their system in a few days. He said usually if kids have this reaction, it takes place on days 8 - 10 after the shots were given. We had them two full weeks ago, but he said he had seen that before & even up to three weeks after the shot, some children can still have a reaction. He also said to look out for a rash, possibly. And then after saying all of this can happen as a reaction to the MMR shot... he said that they consider this to be a normal reaction. WHAT? I don't get that. My little guy has not been feeling well and it kind of upsets me to think that it could be caused by the shots. What do you know about this? As a new Mom... each time your child is sick or something is different, it's my FIRST time dealing with it so I feel a little unprepared. Have you ever heard of a child running a semi-high fever, or a fever for several days as a reaction to the MMR shot??

I want to thank my wonderful Mama for coming along today and helping me out so much.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy 17 Month Birthday

Happy 17 Month Birthday
little guy

Month 16 Highlights:
- Made a toy go and said, "I did it" each time
- Early in month 16 said, "I put it in" while playing with a cup in the bath
- Dec. 29 -- found your shadow while running outside
- TEETH: We saw his first molar (his top left) just before Christmas, but I guess the other 3 could not wait! We saw the top right on Jan.1, on Jan. 2 the bottom left, and then the bottom right broke thru on Jan. 4
- Learned how to use a flashlight and walked around like an investigator
- Lots of traveling (went to see Papa & Nana 3x / then uncle Josh & aunt Katie once over new years)
- Reading more books with Mama & Dada (My mother found some of my books and I've loved getting to share those with my little bear!) And he got a few new books for Christmas.
- Enjoying new DVD's like The Fox & the Hound (certain parts), The Jungle Book, a New ELMO/Sesame Street anniversary DVD, and others... Still love 'Pooh & Tig'
- Still nursing (but you know you did not want to eat very well while you were teething and I was grateful to be able to nurse you so that you were getting something good in your tummy)
- Sleeping by yourself some more -- still in our room for now
- Your Great Grandmother, Nanny, fell and broke her left shoulder
- Well visit and more shots!! Mama hates the shots.
- More words... you've picked up SO many words. Dad and I keep saying that we are going to make a list, but I'm certain that you have 60 - 75 words now. We should make a list. Maybe more?
- Discovered a love for Pears
- Jan. 9th -- 2nd Hair Cut (& 1st by Mama)
- Saying YOUR NAME!!! It's too cute!
- Playing a game where you dramatically pretend to fall in the floor
- Acting shy around others (especially women who make a big deal about you)
- Trying to say other people 's names: Papa, KK, Jarrett, and many other TV and movie names... but best of all, you've tried to say JESUS
- Toward the end of 16 months your molars are still coming in and yet not in all the way
- Singing! Sings on cue now! (Mama loves to hear your sweet songs!) And when we sing, he claps and says "more" so we sing again and again!!
- Hard month for diaper changing... flip flop, squirmin' worm
- Seems that you finally have a fav toy, a dog, that you LOVE

Sidebar: I love the number 17. I can't really explain that, but it's always been one of my favorite numbers. Happy 17 Months my sweet love!!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

NEW - I love Boz

My son got a Boz book for his birthday, several months ago, and he loves it. (Thank you Zoe & Henny!) I used some of his Christmas money to buy two more Boz books from our local Christian book store and I found out that they had DVDs also. We got two Boz the Bear DVDs!

Mama's, I'm shooting straight, I'm not being paid or even asked to write a post about Boz the bear... I want to. The Boz books are beautifully done, read well, and they have a great Christian message. I was so excited to buy him a few more of these colorful books because I know that as important as it seems for me to teach him colors, shapes, and letters... teaching him about family values, and ultimately about God, is my top priority. The things I believe in MOST are not always conveyed to him through other entertainment choices. (Not that that makes other things bad... it's just a question of what would be better.) I am thrilled with the DVDs!! He loves to watch them and I feel so much better about these movies then I do about some of the things that come on TV. The teaching aspect is GREAT! The colors, movement/animation, and music aspects are EXCELLENT! The messages and themes are BIBLE BASED! And overall, the Boz the bear DVDs & books are fun and positive!
Two thumbs way up from this Atlanta Mama!

Our Collection (so far):
God's Colorful World
Let's Say Thanks to God!
Good Night Boz
Thank You God for COLORS and SHAPES
Thank You God for B-O-Zs and 1-2-3s

Friday, January 9, 2009

This past week brought

--> 4 new molars

--> well visit shots

--> a love of Pears

--> a home cut hair cut

Sunday, January 4, 2009

2009 Has Begun

It's hard to believe, 2009 has begun.
Here we go... Another year. A fresh start.
God has given me renewed hope and I am believing for a GREAT year! I think we may go thru some job transitions and other transitions with our toddler and still more life transitions with a new President and a less than perfect economy. But overall I think 2009 will be wonderful. And I guess change is part of growth.
What does your 2009 look like? What are you hoping for? What's on your life list?

2009 LIST:
1.) Intentional prayer times/prayer & intercession
2.) Intentional time of reading or listening to God's word
3.) Intentional worship
4.) Intentional giving & tithes
5.) Intentional relationships (be connected to others)
6.) Intentional service (community or church)
7.) Intentionally go on a mission trip
8.) Intentionally grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus

If we are not intentionally growing and moving toward the Lord, in 2009, then we will unintentionally be drifting away. (These are sermon notes from Tom Tanner)

When I hear the word drifting, I always think of a story I heard from Mark F several years ago. He described laying on a raft in the ocean and just drifting along and allowing yourself to go with the current and the tide. Eventually you would end up way down the beach somewhere, very far away from your hotel. He also talked about a lot of the specific waves that effect us in our American suburban life and how those waves want to carry us. But we have a choice to get off the raft and STAND UP. It's not always easy to stand up against a strong wave or current, but then again doing what is easy (just drifting on a raft) can lead to destruction or even death. Drifting may be good intentioned. Drifting may be apathy. Whatever causes us to drift on the waves will still culminate in the same results. Do lives and life effect you? Carry you? Pull you out to sea? Or do you STAND UP and live your life intentionally?

This challenges me. I hope it challenges you to make wise decisions as we look ahead at a bright new year. God is so good to give us the choice of how we will live this life and what we will do in 2009.
Let's live life on purpose!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Story in Pictures

This is the toddler...

This is the game...

This is the toddler IN the game...

This is when he bumped his head getting out...

This is the happy ending to our story...