Saturday, January 17, 2009

NEW - I love Boz

My son got a Boz book for his birthday, several months ago, and he loves it. (Thank you Zoe & Henny!) I used some of his Christmas money to buy two more Boz books from our local Christian book store and I found out that they had DVDs also. We got two Boz the Bear DVDs!

Mama's, I'm shooting straight, I'm not being paid or even asked to write a post about Boz the bear... I want to. The Boz books are beautifully done, read well, and they have a great Christian message. I was so excited to buy him a few more of these colorful books because I know that as important as it seems for me to teach him colors, shapes, and letters... teaching him about family values, and ultimately about God, is my top priority. The things I believe in MOST are not always conveyed to him through other entertainment choices. (Not that that makes other things bad... it's just a question of what would be better.) I am thrilled with the DVDs!! He loves to watch them and I feel so much better about these movies then I do about some of the things that come on TV. The teaching aspect is GREAT! The colors, movement/animation, and music aspects are EXCELLENT! The messages and themes are BIBLE BASED! And overall, the Boz the bear DVDs & books are fun and positive!
Two thumbs way up from this Atlanta Mama!

Our Collection (so far):
God's Colorful World
Let's Say Thanks to God!
Good Night Boz
Thank You God for COLORS and SHAPES
Thank You God for B-O-Zs and 1-2-3s


Mickey said...

Agreed. Boz is BIG hit at our house. We watched the Boz Christmas DVD about a thousand times last month. Good stuff.

Lindy Simpson Jones said...

thanks for sharing!!! it is so hard to know good videos and not waste money trying to find some!!!

Tony C said...

Awesome. My youngest at 15 months loves books and your recommendation is appreciated.
Plus, I'll share this with the other nursery parents at church.