Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy 17 Month Birthday

Happy 17 Month Birthday
little guy

Month 16 Highlights:
- Made a toy go and said, "I did it" each time
- Early in month 16 said, "I put it in" while playing with a cup in the bath
- Dec. 29 -- found your shadow while running outside
- TEETH: We saw his first molar (his top left) just before Christmas, but I guess the other 3 could not wait! We saw the top right on Jan.1, on Jan. 2 the bottom left, and then the bottom right broke thru on Jan. 4
- Learned how to use a flashlight and walked around like an investigator
- Lots of traveling (went to see Papa & Nana 3x / then uncle Josh & aunt Katie once over new years)
- Reading more books with Mama & Dada (My mother found some of my books and I've loved getting to share those with my little bear!) And he got a few new books for Christmas.
- Enjoying new DVD's like The Fox & the Hound (certain parts), The Jungle Book, a New ELMO/Sesame Street anniversary DVD, and others... Still love 'Pooh & Tig'
- Still nursing (but you know you did not want to eat very well while you were teething and I was grateful to be able to nurse you so that you were getting something good in your tummy)
- Sleeping by yourself some more -- still in our room for now
- Your Great Grandmother, Nanny, fell and broke her left shoulder
- Well visit and more shots!! Mama hates the shots.
- More words... you've picked up SO many words. Dad and I keep saying that we are going to make a list, but I'm certain that you have 60 - 75 words now. We should make a list. Maybe more?
- Discovered a love for Pears
- Jan. 9th -- 2nd Hair Cut (& 1st by Mama)
- Saying YOUR NAME!!! It's too cute!
- Playing a game where you dramatically pretend to fall in the floor
- Acting shy around others (especially women who make a big deal about you)
- Trying to say other people 's names: Papa, KK, Jarrett, and many other TV and movie names... but best of all, you've tried to say JESUS
- Toward the end of 16 months your molars are still coming in and yet not in all the way
- Singing! Sings on cue now! (Mama loves to hear your sweet songs!) And when we sing, he claps and says "more" so we sing again and again!!
- Hard month for diaper changing... flip flop, squirmin' worm
- Seems that you finally have a fav toy, a dog, that you LOVE

Sidebar: I love the number 17. I can't really explain that, but it's always been one of my favorite numbers. Happy 17 Months my sweet love!!!