Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Milestones are a BIG DEAL

Felt FIRST Tooth:

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Yesterday I was cooking and cleaning up the kitchen (well, it's still not clean) when my husband yelled from the living room that he could finally feel the FIRST tooth!!! I came running (and even left the water running into the coffee pot) going, "top or bottom, top or bottom"?!!
He told me that he could feel it on the bottom. I got to feel it too. Yay! Still cannot see it tough, so I guess it might take a little while to break thru.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Backwards Crawl...

Crawl... Backwards?

So my little guy has a masters in ROLLING across the room. He's doing better on the sitting up thing. And this week (really in the past two days) he's started crawling backwards!! He's figured out that he needs to push up on his arms, but the knees are not in the game yet, so the push-up's just scoot him back. This morning I was in the kitchen for a sec and came back into the living room to find him stuck 1/2 way under the sofa w/ his little legs!! So funny. I guess he's getting Mobile!
Another Milestone

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Top 10

My friend and mentor wrote this

TOP 10 ways your know you are a Hot, Young, New Mom...

10. You have a blog & talk about you & your baby's days
9. It's a great day because you're showered and dressed before noon
8. You know that Gymboree is not only a clothing store, but a music and play place too
7. You are now mechanically proficient - able to set up and operate any baby machinery in minutes and usually one handed
6. You know that TARGET, OldNavy, and GAP all have really cute maternity clothes
5. Your parents forget You exist
4. If you know how to avoid being sprayed by baby pee pee but think it's pretty funny when your Man gets an unexpected shower
3. You've forgotten what it's like to NOT be tired (Oh the days of care free sleep)
2. You're convinced there must be a sign on you that says you need help parenting because wherever you go people you don't even know feel the need to give you advice
AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST... The #1 way you know you are a New Mom...
1. You now ave a new understanding of unconditional love

I enjoyed these and I hope you do too... Maybe you have some of your own to add to the list... POST A COMMENT

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Moming My Mom

There are times in life that seem slower, or more uneventful... The past week has not been one of those times.

I have not posted because of the busy week and all of the unexpected things that got squeezed into a week of pre-scheduled events, such as my son's 6 month shots. Yuck. (See previous post "I HATE SHOTS")

But the main reason I have not been on here this week is that my Mother went to the ER last Wednesday night in pain and also vomiting. My sister and I did not really get much sleep as we were waiting to get text messages from our Father ever few hours. By 2:45am they had gotten a room and were waiting to be seen. Finally, another text came in around 3 something a.m. that they were seen and they had ordered an ultra sound. Several hours later I got a call from my Dad saying that they would be doing emergency surgery to remove my Mom's gallbladder. Yeah.

It's now Thursday morning... I nursed the baby, left a pumped bottle with my husband, and headed over to the hospital. I really wanted to see her before she went back. It took forever to find a place to park and then I had to walk a semi far distance to get to the building and then find the right elevator, the right hall, and right waiting area. I asked the lady at that desk and she took me to another hallway -- she told me that this area was called the kissing corner because it's where people say their I love you's before being wheeled off into the O.R. -- I made it. She was being pushed down the hall JUST as I got there. We said I love you and I prayed for peace over her. She kept telling me that she loved me and wanted me to tell my sister that she loved her too because she was in school (even though she had not slept either) and was not at the hospital yet. The nurse took her down the hall.

My father had my Mom's purse, wedding rings, and a bag of her clothes. He had been up all night. It felt sort of pitiful even though I knew that she was Ok and would be alright. We both greeted each other and then went to the waiting room. They gave us a pager that would light up when my Mom was finished and we could go see her. I didn't like the feeling. Buzz...Buzz... Your Person is Ready. It's my Mom.

My Father wanted to rest and my sister wanted me to come meet up with her so she could be at the hospital when my Mom woke up. I met her at our great-aunt's house and we rode together back over to the paid parking lot. Back to the maze of color coded hall ways and random elevators. We sat with our Dad while he slept on a bench and we attempted a cross word puzzle to pass the time. The old man next to us was very entertained at our inability to spell.

Once we knew her surgery was completed and all was well... we were told we could not see her for another hour or two, so we went to lunch... in the hospital cafeteria. Woo hoo!! It was not too bad, really. And then, it happen, our pager light up thing went off. She was ready. She was actually really out of it at that point, but we were allowed to go back there and be with her. She had made it thru and had 4 incisions to show for it!!

Then I came home to nurse the baby and we all went to my parents house off and on over the next several days to help out. She is doing much better now. It's an odd feeling to help take care of the one who always takes care of you. I'm so glad that we are all Ok now!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

How do you & your baby PLAY?

Well, the polls are in...

How do you & your baby PLAY?

1. On the floor with toys *

2. We love it outside

3. Spend a SHORT time in each chair or swing

4. I'm the entertainer, song & dance *

5. Peek-A-Boo & Tickle fights

And the winner is...
Well, it was a tie between #1 & #4


Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Saturday Park Event (Kennesaw)

I saw another cool event going on this Saturday, March 8th and the info is below:
Swift-Cantrell Park Celebration set for Saturday, March 8
(Published Feb 25, 2008)
A carnival-like celebration is scheduled for Saturday, March 8 from 12 to 2 p.m. to commemorate the recent opening of Swift-Cantrell Park, the City of Kennesaw's 42-acre community park located at 3140 Old 41 Highway, just west of Jiles Road. The event is free, open to the public, and will feature interactive activities, family entertainment and plenty of giveaways - including free hot dogs and sodas (while supplies last), courtesy of the Kennesaw Parks & Recreation Department. Pet owners are invited to dress up their dogs in their favorite Easter bonnet or costume and take part in a pooch promenade along the inner trail. Prizes will be awarded. Free parking for the event is located at Swift-Cantrell Park. Additional parking will be available at Kennesaw Elementary School, located at 3155 Jiles Road. Residents from nearby neighborhoods are encouraged to walk to the event, as attendance is expected to exceed 1,500 people. For more information about the park and event visit www.kennesaw-ga.gov/pkrec or call (770) 422-9714. http://www.hometowncobb.com/news2006/swift-cantrell-park-celebration-set-for-saturday-m.shtml
My Friend Tara says, If you haven't been to this new Swift-Cantrell park, you have to go. I go there and walk a lot and it's the best park for families. There are a couple of playgrounds that are AWESOME! If you have kids old enough to play on the playground, it's definitely the place to go (I can't wait 'til mine is old enough!). I would suggest taking the kids in the middle of the day, however, if you want them to play. Once school gets out the place is a madhouse. There are also walking/bike riding/skateboarding/skating trails that wind around the perimeter and then fields where people have picnics, fly kites and play ball. There are also two sets of pretty nice restrooms so you don't have to worry about using a porta-potty or anything! I think that once it's warmer and not so windy we should definitely do moms group there. I know this sounds like I own the park or something, but it's just that, as a mom and a family in general it's really great to have a place like this. Hope you all go and enjoy!
Check it out if it's not snowing or an icy mix on Saturday.
It sounds like an awesome park! I look forward to taking my son sometime.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Some Days are Better Than Others

Some days in our life are just "normal" days. And then, once in a while, there are defining days.

This past weekend was just such a time for my husband and me. It was life-changing... in a good way! (In a really great way!!)

We attended a conference about what God is doing all over the world. There were speakers from many countries and many different languages represented... One night we heard someone pray in Korean, Spanish, French, Malaysian, Chinese, English, Russian, Japanese, Hebrew chant, Hindi, and Italian. It was amazing and beautiful!

I stand in awe of what is happening all over the earth, as the Lord is continually expanding His kingdom. He is drawing people in by the hundreds of thousands because of his love, his mercy, his goodness, his power, his salvation, and his healing hand. Miracles are happening daily!

Sometimes, as a new Mama, it's hard for me to look past my own living room... and certainly harder to look past my own town, state, and nation to see the bigger picture. So, it was very eye-opening to see a more global perspective. This is an exciting time. My husband and I are grateful to have experienced God's presence with people from all over the globe. Is this what heaven will be like? Amazing!