Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Milestones are a BIG DEAL

Felt FIRST Tooth:

Posted by AtlantaMama on March 25, 2008 at 11:01pm in Brags & Milestones
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Yesterday I was cooking and cleaning up the kitchen (well, it's still not clean) when my husband yelled from the living room that he could finally feel the FIRST tooth!!! I came running (and even left the water running into the coffee pot) going, "top or bottom, top or bottom"?!!
He told me that he could feel it on the bottom. I got to feel it too. Yay! Still cannot see it tough, so I guess it might take a little while to break thru.

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Mandy said...

Getting the first teeth is such an highly anticipated and cool event. I must have rubbed on her gums everyday for a week or two anxiously awaiting the first arrivals and just putting pressure to relieve some of hte pain. She really liked me doing that. Then one day, WA LA, there were TWO! I yelled down to my husband to come and feel. They were razor sharp.I thought, "Please don't use those against me." I couldn't wait to see them though. Now, they are growing so big and I wonder, "when will the next ones arrive? How cute.