Saturday, March 15, 2008

Top 10

My friend and mentor wrote this

TOP 10 ways your know you are a Hot, Young, New Mom...

10. You have a blog & talk about you & your baby's days
9. It's a great day because you're showered and dressed before noon
8. You know that Gymboree is not only a clothing store, but a music and play place too
7. You are now mechanically proficient - able to set up and operate any baby machinery in minutes and usually one handed
6. You know that TARGET, OldNavy, and GAP all have really cute maternity clothes
5. Your parents forget You exist
4. If you know how to avoid being sprayed by baby pee pee but think it's pretty funny when your Man gets an unexpected shower
3. You've forgotten what it's like to NOT be tired (Oh the days of care free sleep)
2. You're convinced there must be a sign on you that says you need help parenting because wherever you go people you don't even know feel the need to give you advice
AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST... The #1 way you know you are a New Mom...
1. You now ave a new understanding of unconditional love

I enjoyed these and I hope you do too... Maybe you have some of your own to add to the list... POST A COMMENT


Chip said...

To add to the list ... "You know that a Diaper Genie has absolutely nothing to do with three magical wishes."

Writeaway said...

Funny, Chip!

And hey! #5 is NOT true!! Ok - sorta true. OK. True.

Seven_Shades_of_Red said...

Ha! Did you create this list yourself???

You know you're a Hot, Young, New Mom when baby slings are your fashion highlight of the season!