Friday, May 30, 2008

I had a Birthday

My family was so sweet to take me out for my birthday.
It's been a great year being a New Mom!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Happy 9 MONTH Birthday

My little baby bear is 9 months old today!!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008


First ZOO Trip

ZOO -- -- Atlanta

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Friday, May 9, 2008

Needing Help

Calling All New Mom's...
As you have transitioned from nursing (or formula) exclusively to adding in some solids, were you confused? Did you read several books or did you just guess?

I nursed exclusively for 6 months. Then we added in one "meal" of organic rice cereal per day. I would pump and then add the cereal with the breast milk to thicken it. We did that for about 3 or 4 weeks and then at 7 months we began baby food. He had sweet potatoes on his 7 month birthday. For several weeks we were only doing one solid per day and one rice cereal meal per day. We introduced new foods in isolation to test for allergies. Then I went to two solids per day. I was sick of pumping so I started adding the rice cereal in with his first solid (usually fruit but not always) so he would still get plenty of iron. He is still nursing at every feeding so I know I don't have to plan fully balanced meal plans just yet. But I am getting mixed information out there. And when the food is too thick or the days I've tried to do three solids... we have dealt with constipation. I am making my own baby food (I'll blog about this some time cause it's been very interesting) but I try to add a lot of water to make sure that it's not too heavy.

Anyway... I'd love to hear from yall. My son is 8&1/2 months old now and I know he's healthy even despite my guessing and second guessing. He's at the highest part of the growth chart for height and weight, so I know he's fine! I just want to do what is BEST!!!
Some of my friends are doing three solids a day, some are doing dairy already (I was told to wait until the 1 yr mark), some are doing protein, and some are just jumping to table food. My doctor (same as Camilla's) says not to go to table food until they are 2 years old. My son has not had very much solid food yet. Just a limited list of items. He's done great with it though. He eats well. We have not had the typical issues of babies not liking veggies. (As you may have noticed from the pictures down there from a few blogs ago). He did fine with Green Beans, liked the Peas, and loves Avocados! He's also had carrots, pears, sweet potatoes, plum, and banana's. This week we will try Mango.

Click on the COMMENT button and post your reply or advice. You don't have to be a blogger or a member to leave a comment. Just post as 'anonymous' if you don't have a blogger name. THANKS for chatting about baby food!

Monday, May 5, 2008


OK, so I'm a romantic comedy kinda gal. I would never have opted to see a MARVEL COMIC book based film on my own choice. My husband and his family wanted to go see the movie IRON MAN last week, so I went. I did not expect much, in fact, I really didn't think I'd care about it. To my surprise it was a great film. (Disclaimer: I would not recommend it for children because there are a few sexual scenes toward the beginning of the movie.)

There is a powerful scene where IRON MAN flies into a terrorist situation. He is sorta untouchable. It's the Hero moment. He puts out one hand, in the direction of the bad guys and takes care of them. Then he looks the other way and put out his other hand and takes care of some other bad guys over there. He protects all of the hostages and takes down all of the evil doers in a powerful way.

I'm sitting in a dark movie theater, late at night, holding my sleeping baby, and God spoke to me thru this silly movie. It was like an "Ah-Ha" moment. If you are a believer in Jesus, and you are filled with God's Holy Spirit, you have been given power. We have the power to step into a situation of fear, sickness, evil, etc... and put out our hand and say NO to those things. We have been given the task and calling to bring peace and hope. So often, it's easier for me to believe in or buy into the power of a movie hero and yet doubt the power and authority of God. Why is that? It's even more REAL!

When he says there is NOTHING too big that He can't handle... He means it. When He says that if we ask anything in the Name of Jesus and believe that it will be done... He means it. When He says that his suffering, death, and resurrection are for our salvation and healing... He means it. When He says that He is the same yesterday, today, and forever... He means it.

He's saying to me, in this movie, "My Power Is Real". If we think IRON MAN is cool because he saves the day... There is One who is far surpassing. Jesus' power is real. I'm inspired by this movie and by what the Lord spoke to my heart in that theater. I'm not looking to be a hero. But I do want to bring hope, peace, healing, freedom, and the power of God into hopeless situations.

For those of you who are like, "Whoa... she just went so deep" I want you to know that I washed and dried the spare set of car keys today. So it's all good.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Clean and Dirty

Is is just me?

I see things as either CLEAN or DIRTY.
Gas Station - Dirty
Public Restroom - Dirty
Shopping Cart - Dirty
Park Bench - Dirty

Right? I love my hand sanitizer. The other day in the car, I did not have it with me, so I defaulted to friction to try to sanitize my hands. I do worry about germs, but beyond that, I just like to have clean hands. Some people don't worry about germs and this is clear because of the invention of "sneeze guards". These people will take food out of a package (at their own house) and then lay the food on the OUTSIDE of that same package. The same outer packaging that the bagger guy, check out lady, the stock boy, the trucker, the shipper, the factory worker and the warehouse rats have all touched. It's NOT clean folks!! Opt for the counter. Even if you think you counter is not clean, it's probably a better option than the food wrapper. That is unless you are the woman who sets her purse down on the public bathroom floor, the park bench, and the shopping cart and then brings home e-coli and staph to set your oh-so-not-clean purse on the kitchen counter. Yummy. What's for dinner? Rachael Ray is not impressed.
Well, I just needed to vent about this topic. Am I the crazy one here?

Are germs a myth to some people (Ok, Ruth Allen I know your answer already)?

I will say that I LOVE the places like Publix and Kroger that now have sanitizing wipes right there beside the shopping carts! Thank you for trying not to give my child a virus while I shop. You Rock!! I love you for that! (Plus it makes the cart handle feel less slimy!) OK, off my soap box. No pun intended.