Thursday, May 1, 2008

Clean and Dirty

Is is just me?

I see things as either CLEAN or DIRTY.
Gas Station - Dirty
Public Restroom - Dirty
Shopping Cart - Dirty
Park Bench - Dirty

Right? I love my hand sanitizer. The other day in the car, I did not have it with me, so I defaulted to friction to try to sanitize my hands. I do worry about germs, but beyond that, I just like to have clean hands. Some people don't worry about germs and this is clear because of the invention of "sneeze guards". These people will take food out of a package (at their own house) and then lay the food on the OUTSIDE of that same package. The same outer packaging that the bagger guy, check out lady, the stock boy, the trucker, the shipper, the factory worker and the warehouse rats have all touched. It's NOT clean folks!! Opt for the counter. Even if you think you counter is not clean, it's probably a better option than the food wrapper. That is unless you are the woman who sets her purse down on the public bathroom floor, the park bench, and the shopping cart and then brings home e-coli and staph to set your oh-so-not-clean purse on the kitchen counter. Yummy. What's for dinner? Rachael Ray is not impressed.
Well, I just needed to vent about this topic. Am I the crazy one here?

Are germs a myth to some people (Ok, Ruth Allen I know your answer already)?

I will say that I LOVE the places like Publix and Kroger that now have sanitizing wipes right there beside the shopping carts! Thank you for trying not to give my child a virus while I shop. You Rock!! I love you for that! (Plus it makes the cart handle feel less slimy!) OK, off my soap box. No pun intended.


Writeaway said...

Please clarify that you did not become a germ-phobe because of your mother! And you are mild compared to your husband!

AtlantaMama said...

I failed to mention that I AM PHOBIC of cleaning sponges and never ever use them!! Maybe I need help!