Friday, May 9, 2008

Needing Help

Calling All New Mom's...
As you have transitioned from nursing (or formula) exclusively to adding in some solids, were you confused? Did you read several books or did you just guess?

I nursed exclusively for 6 months. Then we added in one "meal" of organic rice cereal per day. I would pump and then add the cereal with the breast milk to thicken it. We did that for about 3 or 4 weeks and then at 7 months we began baby food. He had sweet potatoes on his 7 month birthday. For several weeks we were only doing one solid per day and one rice cereal meal per day. We introduced new foods in isolation to test for allergies. Then I went to two solids per day. I was sick of pumping so I started adding the rice cereal in with his first solid (usually fruit but not always) so he would still get plenty of iron. He is still nursing at every feeding so I know I don't have to plan fully balanced meal plans just yet. But I am getting mixed information out there. And when the food is too thick or the days I've tried to do three solids... we have dealt with constipation. I am making my own baby food (I'll blog about this some time cause it's been very interesting) but I try to add a lot of water to make sure that it's not too heavy.

Anyway... I'd love to hear from yall. My son is 8&1/2 months old now and I know he's healthy even despite my guessing and second guessing. He's at the highest part of the growth chart for height and weight, so I know he's fine! I just want to do what is BEST!!!
Some of my friends are doing three solids a day, some are doing dairy already (I was told to wait until the 1 yr mark), some are doing protein, and some are just jumping to table food. My doctor (same as Camilla's) says not to go to table food until they are 2 years old. My son has not had very much solid food yet. Just a limited list of items. He's done great with it though. He eats well. We have not had the typical issues of babies not liking veggies. (As you may have noticed from the pictures down there from a few blogs ago). He did fine with Green Beans, liked the Peas, and loves Avocados! He's also had carrots, pears, sweet potatoes, plum, and banana's. This week we will try Mango.

Click on the COMMENT button and post your reply or advice. You don't have to be a blogger or a member to leave a comment. Just post as 'anonymous' if you don't have a blogger name. THANKS for chatting about baby food!


TKD said...

Hey girl! Solids have been confusing. We started them when he was four months. The doctor said to go ahead and start because it would help his reflux. He's done really well with it. He likes all the veggies, but doesn't really like any fruits, except pears. We do three feedings a day and still nurse five times a day. I've never heard of not giving table food until 2! That's very interesting!

Shannon said...

This is Ann's friend Shannon. I get all the emails even though I can't make it to mom's group. I have the best book. It's called "Super Baby Food." It's mostly about making your own baby food but I use it for knowing what foods to give our baby girl and when. It has a section that gives you month by month what your baby can handle. So far we have given our 7 month old avacadoes (her favorite), sweet potatoes, bananas, magoes, squash, pears, rice, barley, and oat cereal, and yogurt. The real milk thing is that you can't give it to them until they are 1 but certain foods that contain whole milk, such as yogurt, are ok. We give her Yobaby. You can find it at the grocery store in the organic section. I can't tell you how much I love this book. I even make most of her food instead of buying it in the jars because its really just cooking it and mashing or blending it so far. Then you freeze it in ice-cube trays. We'll see if I keep it up after it gets more involved. I hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ann Christi writing. MY doc gave me a sheet to go by with what types of foods to do per month. IT is a huge help and gives a great guideline. I will email you my number. So you can call me and I'll go over the sheet.

AtlantaMama said...

Check out this post page on this topic. (You might have to join the site to see it... it's like a FACE BOOK for Atlanta area Mama's)

Lindy Simpson Jones said...

hey girl!!! my only advise it get him liking veges before fruit!!!! It is SO hard to go backwards! :) You seem like you are doing a fabulous job!