Friday, November 27, 2009

Who Does He Favor ?

Our sweet new son


Me as a Newborn

Baby Me (about 5 mos)

My Son (2 & 1/2 wks)
Let me know what you see...

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thankful for....

My Wonderful Babies

not really the BEST pictures of my kids -- just pictures lately

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Happy 27 Month Birthday

Little Bear, We Love You!

Highlights from Month 26:
- ate fish and shrimp for the first time (Oct 21)
- i think you discovered ketchup last month, but this month,
we now love it
- still like "the pox movie" Robin Hood
- LOVING "baby lion" LION KING movie
- watching Veggie Tales JONAH movie
- putting sentences together more and more
- will say "bye, I wuv you" and melt our hearts
- still loves to wrestle and run around with Daddy
- went to pumpkin patch (mid Oct)
- Fall costume parade (late Oct)
- talking about potty, sitting on your potty (late Oct)
- started sleeping in your own room last month and that has continued... you are doing great
- had honey for the first time
- in a phase of taking your shoes off ALL the time, even when we are out or in the car (sometimes the socks are off too, even though it's cold)
- now loves BBQ sauce
- baby brother born - Nov. 9, 2009
met him on Nov. 10th
- wants to play with a large spoon or spatula
- Likes the movie Return to Neverland
- spoiled by Gran Gran's DVR and wants to fwd through commercials
- doing great with becoming a BIG BROTHER
- says "thank you" now (used to say "good")
- counting passed 10 now -- into the teens
- love your stuffed alligator
- "playing" on your own, like the alligator getting the dog with sound effects

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

our newborn baby love

breech baby frog legs

skin time with daddy

new foot

new sweet hand

Monday, November 16, 2009

more baby photos

A few more birth day pics...

We are BLESSED in many ways and deeply grateful to God for our amazing little boy!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Welcome Baby

We Thank God
for the Birth of our Baby Boy
NOVEMBER 9, 2009
8lbs     20in
Completely Healthy and Content

We are loving our sweet baby....

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Story

I had an apt last Monday with the specialist again...  they found that the fluid level had dropped down to around a 5 or high 4's.  He said that the baby would need to come meet us tomorrow, or possibly today!  Mentally, I was not thinking that was the case, but I knew we should do what ever was the BEST for the baby.  He said my OB would see me at 1PM.  I waited an hour and went in to see him.  While I waited, I felt nervous.  What was going on?  Is the baby fine?  Will I meet him today?  Tomorrow?  But I had also had this settling in my heart when I saw the sonogram at the specialist office....  He was still so folded in there and the fluid was down and I just felt like I finally went, "He can't turn.  He's not going to turn."  And accepted the C-section.  This is what would need to happen.  I processed 1,000 things while waiting and thought of things that needed to be done.
- Childcare   - Vehicals    - Money    - Getting family in town    - What his birthday would be..... 
My mind was racing.  I was texting family and waiting to know more.
My OB said he cleared his schedule pasted 4PM and planned to do the C-Section at 5pm TODAY!  This was Monday, November 9, 2009.  I was to go across the street to the hospital to prep and wait for this (not even going back home) because he felt strongly that there was no need to risk waiting.  The best option for the baby was to GO.  Okay!
I called my sweet and wonderful husband to get things situated with our toddler, load the last small bag, latch the carseat in the car, pack up both the video and still camera, etc...
My mom switched cars with me (after leaving work early) so that they would have a toddler carseat and I would go on to the hospital right then.
My husband came to meet me up there and we took pictures and video in the waiting room. The "on again - off again" thing had kind of sent us spinning.  But kind of just in an excited way... like, It's really happening and we are about to meet our Son!!  And we were fully READY last Friday, so the bags were packed and we knew we could be meeting our son ANY day.  Monday was the day!!
They called us back to get ready and the process began.
I could probably write several entries on the C-section and the process... I was a big deal and very very different from our first labor and delivery (all natural) experience.  We learned a lot.
All in all, things went well and our SON WAS BORN safe and healthy!  Thank you Jesus!!  His birthday is 11-09-09 He was born at 5:42PM And even though he was Frank Breech and 38 weeks, he was still 8lbs even and 20inches long!  I praise God for a healthy child!
The after birth stuff as been VERY different and much loner and harder to get back into life.  But we are doing well.  Nursing a lot and changing lots of diapers. = )
I am glad to have time to update the blog... And we will post pictures SOON!

Friday, November 6, 2009

C-Section Called OFF

We were mentally and emotionally prepared to meet our son today.  We had the car packed.  Grandparents had taken off work. 
Everyone was ready.
My phone rang early this morning (while I was in the shower) and when my husband answered, I could tell it was not family on the other end.  It was the specialist Doctor. Not the one I saw yesterday, but the one I have been seeing for about three weeks.  He said that my OB called him and asked him to review the pictures and chart info from the visit yesterday since he had not seen me.  He did that and saw that the fluid levels were in the 10's and that that is Ok.  The baby was still breech yesterday -- bottom down -- feet folded up by his head.  He called to tell me that he was recomending that we WAIT on the c-section.  Cancelled for today!
This was such a mental shift...  but at the same time, I am very grateful.  If there is any way that the fluid levels are Okay and the baby can stay in there LONGER... that is safer and better for the baby & that is what we want.  He said we could elect to go ahead today, but there would be a greater risk to the baby for not having full lung developement than if we waited.  I was a little bit in shock at first, but of course I said what any mother would say... I want what is BEST for my son.  And waiting is best right now.
So everything that was on GO is now on "pause". 
I'll go back to the specialist (and hope not to see his partner but to actually see him) on Monday at 11:30AM so please join us in praying over this weekend...
We will pray for the baby to fully develope.  We pray for complete health and life over this baby (in every way).
Please pray for the fluid to stay the same or go up (of course the doctors say it is not likely to go way up at this point, but we can pray for that).  We are also praying for the baby to turn head-down on his own.
So while the changes this morning are HUGE in our lives, maybe it 's a secound chance for things to be EVER BETTER for this little one.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Baby Eve

My Baby

You will be born TOMORROW! WOW!
Friday, at 10:30AM, we have a C-section planned. Daddy and I will get to hear your voice, look into your eyes, and see you come into the world! Daddy and I will be right there with you through the whole process. We have looked fwd to meeting you and we are very blessed to have you in our family. You are gift from God in every way. He has spoken to my heart about you so much over these 9& 1/2 months and I am just honored to be your Mama. I already think that you are pretty amazing!! God spoke your first name to me several months ago... I think it's neat that He named you. Daddy and I are both agreed on that. On the eve of your birth, we are undecided on the middle name?!! We think we will KNOW once we “meet” you face to face! The Bible says that He has our names on the palm of his hand. He thinks about us all of the time.
Our lives have felt crazy in some ways because of jobs changing and moving and other things.... But I am continually reminded that the word the Lord gave us for you and about you is FREEDOM! And our live circumstances were already known by the Lord. You have ministered to me FREEDOM even in the womb. I am grateful for the lessons I have learned. And even in the C-section... It was not my original plan, but that's what I am learning. FREEDOM is most fully realized when I surrender all I have, all my plans, and all my ways and roll with it. FREEDOM is not just saying, God, your will be done in our lives... it's meaning that, not matter what it means changing, letting go of, or stepping out to take a risk in a new direction. FREEDOM is FREEDOM. It is not anxiety. It not fear. It is the opposite of bondage. FREEDOM is God's heart for everyone. And you, my son are not only a minister of FREEDOM, I believe that you are a warrior for FREEDOM! I pray that God will give our family His true compassion for seeing others set free. I know I will continue to learn a lot from your free spirit… and it will sharpen me… and teach me a lot as we get to know you and watch your personality unfold.
Jesus is always interceding on our behalf. He will be with us tomorrow throughout the C-Section and throughout the first few hospital days and it will be great. He will be with us in the first few days of coming home and you and your brother getting used to one another. It will be good. You boys are an unmatched gift to your Daddy and to me. Our family is very blessed.
I am finished doing the last load of laundry, the car is basically packed, your brother is set for tomorrow, and I am about to go to bed. It's amazing to think about what tomorrow will bring.... WONDERFUL YOU! So, happy early birthday my love! I can't wait to meet you and hold you in my arms. I LOVE YOU!

38 Weeks Pregnant