Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Story

I had an apt last Monday with the specialist again...  they found that the fluid level had dropped down to around a 5 or high 4's.  He said that the baby would need to come meet us tomorrow, or possibly today!  Mentally, I was not thinking that was the case, but I knew we should do what ever was the BEST for the baby.  He said my OB would see me at 1PM.  I waited an hour and went in to see him.  While I waited, I felt nervous.  What was going on?  Is the baby fine?  Will I meet him today?  Tomorrow?  But I had also had this settling in my heart when I saw the sonogram at the specialist office....  He was still so folded in there and the fluid was down and I just felt like I finally went, "He can't turn.  He's not going to turn."  And accepted the C-section.  This is what would need to happen.  I processed 1,000 things while waiting and thought of things that needed to be done.
- Childcare   - Vehicals    - Money    - Getting family in town    - What his birthday would be..... 
My mind was racing.  I was texting family and waiting to know more.
My OB said he cleared his schedule pasted 4PM and planned to do the C-Section at 5pm TODAY!  This was Monday, November 9, 2009.  I was to go across the street to the hospital to prep and wait for this (not even going back home) because he felt strongly that there was no need to risk waiting.  The best option for the baby was to GO.  Okay!
I called my sweet and wonderful husband to get things situated with our toddler, load the last small bag, latch the carseat in the car, pack up both the video and still camera, etc...
My mom switched cars with me (after leaving work early) so that they would have a toddler carseat and I would go on to the hospital right then.
My husband came to meet me up there and we took pictures and video in the waiting room. The "on again - off again" thing had kind of sent us spinning.  But kind of just in an excited way... like, It's really happening and we are about to meet our Son!!  And we were fully READY last Friday, so the bags were packed and we knew we could be meeting our son ANY day.  Monday was the day!!
They called us back to get ready and the process began.
I could probably write several entries on the C-section and the process... I was a big deal and very very different from our first labor and delivery (all natural) experience.  We learned a lot.
All in all, things went well and our SON WAS BORN safe and healthy!  Thank you Jesus!!  His birthday is 11-09-09 He was born at 5:42PM And even though he was Frank Breech and 38 weeks, he was still 8lbs even and 20inches long!  I praise God for a healthy child!
The after birth stuff as been VERY different and much loner and harder to get back into life.  But we are doing well.  Nursing a lot and changing lots of diapers. = )
I am glad to have time to update the blog... And we will post pictures SOON!

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He & Me + 3 said...

I am so glad that all went very well. What a big boy for being 2 weeks early. congrats!