Sunday, November 1, 2009

day light and tomorrow

Today was the day light time change day... and it felt odd ALL day.  When to eat?  When to plan the nap?  It was just a little off, but we'll get used to it soon enough.


Monday, November 2 (later in the afternoon) my husband and I will go to the specialist for another Non - Stress -Test and another high res sonogram.  At that time, we will find out the LEVEL OF FLUID that they can measure.  Anything above a 5 will allow my sweet baby to stay in there a little longer.  That is our prayer. 
However, when I saw the OB last Thursday, he said we should have our bags in the car and be ready to go to the hospital just in case....  If the fluid levels are low, they will send us right over to the hospital tomorrow.  Mentally and emotionally we have spent the weekend preparing for the baby. 
 If he can go full term, that will be great.  But the OB considers 37 weeks to be "full term" by the text book and does not feel a great concern that the baby would even have to go to the NICU.  So, if he needs to come to be with us tomorrow... we will trust the Lord and we will be ready.  We look fwd to meeting our son soon!
Labor and Delivery depend on the position of the baby (in the sonogram viewing).  If the fluid was low & he was breech again, they would most likely go right to a C-section.  If the fluid was low and he had turned head-down, they might consider inducing labor. 
Best Case: The Fluid Levels are GOOD (up and in a safe zone) and he's Changed Positions on-his-OWN. 
We'll find out tomorrow!
Thank you for your prayers.


Lora said...

i'm praying!!

He & Me + 3 said...

Praying for you now that all goes well and that you deliver a healthy baby boy when the time is right.