Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday Pregnancy Update

We're home! No baby yet...
We went to the specialist today and had another Non-Stress-Test and a Sonogram to look for measurable fluid. The non-stress-test went well. He was chill and not moving a ton, but he did fine and his heart beat looked great. During the test, my Hubbie and I talked about names again and he made me laugh (we so rarely have a serious conversation for any length of time w/o my husband cracking jokes and being witty) and when I would belly laugh…. The baby would move and respond. We decided that it was a fun game for him!

Then we went in for the sonogram. Great anticipation…

The female sonographer looked for pockets of fluid and took measurements. She did it twice and found numbers in the 10’s and 11’s!!!! We were thrilled to hear/see that. At one point, I asked if the baby was sideways (because she was moving it around so much that I could not clearly see what position he was in) and she said he looked like he might be head-down. What? Could it be true?! She said, we’ll wait and see what the Doctor sees and he’ll go over everything with you in a minute.

The Doc came in and did the same process of looking for pockets of fluid to measure. He was not finding what she found. But we DID see it. We all saw the clear pockets of fluid when she was doing it… but for some reason, things had moved and there was umbilical cord in many of the pockets and therefore he could not count it. He even kind of rolled his eyes at the female sonographer (sort of joking) because he was not finding what she found. He said he was still seeing levels in the 7’s. (It was in the 7’s two weeks ago and it was in the 6’s last Monday.) So, at least it was not down. But I was thinking… “I really liked HER number better than your Mr.” Then he basically said that we are 37 weeks and we’ll be 38 weeks at the end of THIS WEEK. He feels that the levels are still low and that we should plan to do a c-section on FRIDAY. What? I said, “Is the baby still breech?” And he said – “yes, the baby is still breech and the fluid levels are too low for us to try to turn him.”

Why she had SUCH different results and view points than he did… I don’t know. But I guess things just shifted btw the time she checked and the time he checked. Talk about getting your hopes up!!?! My Husband and I even talked about going out to celebrate in between the sonographers test (when we thought the fluid was up and the baby was head-down) and the specialist doctor’s measurements. But I guess his word and recommendations win out.

We will stay on bed rest. We will go back to our OB on Wed morning. If thing are still Ok, we will go back to the specialist on Thur for another NST and Sonogram. Unless the fluid goes up and the baby is showing a clear head-down position, they will move fwd with a C-section on Friday.

- That the baby will be completely healthy through the rest of the pregnancy and through the delivery process (whatever happens)
- That the fluid levels will remain SAFE and will INCREASE for him
- That he will turn head-down on his own
- For God’s will to be done in all of this and in the process of birthing this child according to HIS perfect plan for this little boy
- If it does need to be a C-Section, that God will prepare me
(I went totally natural with my first child and I have not “studied up” on C-Section info much, so I want to be ready and ask good questions so that we are prepared)
- If it does need to be a C-Section, please pray for quick and safe recovery time
- No Fear! (Fear for Safety, Fear of the Unknown) please pray against these things
- Peace – Freedom – Surrendering Trust in Jesus, and in knowing that He loves this baby even more than we do!!!
- If it does go to a C-Section: I’d like to ask for specific prayer over not being able to hold the baby right away. Having to wait on holding him and nursing him… please pray that NOTHING will be lost as far as bonding. Please pray that God will give speed to the doctor and grace to me & my new baby in those first minutes of meeting. I long to hold him right away and have that sweet time to bond.
- Please pray that if he needs to come a little early (it will be 38 weeks) that his lungs will be fully developed and that he will NOT have to go to the NICU
THANK YOU all for tracking this pregnancy with us and for all of your support!


steve and randel hambrick said...

oh my. you might just have your baby on FRIDAY!!! WOW!
we'll be praying for sure. keep us in the loop! all will be great :)

He & Me + 3 said...

Praying for a safety for everyone and a healthy baby boy!

Lora said...

thanks for the update. i am lifting you up! lora

Writeaway said...

We are praying for you and the baby. God already knows the plan and ordained it long ago. He even knows the baby's name (unlike the grandmother, who knows nothing...).

I have had a peace that passes understanding about this baby and his health and safety. I am claiming all that I know is true on his behalf. Health, peace, safety and quick bonding time!

Love you more than life.

Brewers said...

We will be prayign for you all! I had to have c-sections and you will get to hold him in the delivery room and he will being your arms when you leave and go to recovery. You will have about an hour after the delivery before you can see anyone including your other son. That was a surprise to us. I'd say it was about 20 minutes from the time he was born to the time when I could nurse him. Hope this helps bring some peace. I'm always here for any questions, especially about c-sections since I've had 3! I'd also recommend a spinal block instead of the epidural if you can choose, quicker recovery. I pray God will fill you with peace, and that He would prepare the way for your son to be born healthy.

AtlantaMama said...

Thank you!! This is helpful info.... Seriously helps to prepare!