Thursday, November 19, 2009

Happy 27 Month Birthday

Little Bear, We Love You!

Highlights from Month 26:
- ate fish and shrimp for the first time (Oct 21)
- i think you discovered ketchup last month, but this month,
we now love it
- still like "the pox movie" Robin Hood
- LOVING "baby lion" LION KING movie
- watching Veggie Tales JONAH movie
- putting sentences together more and more
- will say "bye, I wuv you" and melt our hearts
- still loves to wrestle and run around with Daddy
- went to pumpkin patch (mid Oct)
- Fall costume parade (late Oct)
- talking about potty, sitting on your potty (late Oct)
- started sleeping in your own room last month and that has continued... you are doing great
- had honey for the first time
- in a phase of taking your shoes off ALL the time, even when we are out or in the car (sometimes the socks are off too, even though it's cold)
- now loves BBQ sauce
- baby brother born - Nov. 9, 2009
met him on Nov. 10th
- wants to play with a large spoon or spatula
- Likes the movie Return to Neverland
- spoiled by Gran Gran's DVR and wants to fwd through commercials
- doing great with becoming a BIG BROTHER
- says "thank you" now (used to say "good")
- counting passed 10 now -- into the teens
- love your stuffed alligator
- "playing" on your own, like the alligator getting the dog with sound effects