Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happy 18 Month Birthday!

Happy Year & a Half Big Boy!!!
We love you so very much!

Highlights of Month 17....
Month 17 Highlights:
-loves Tig (Tigger) more then ever
-Daddy's 30th Birthday and family dinner at a Japanese steak house
-more climbing
-got a new President
-playing with friends & his cousin, interacting, sharing, etc...
-threw up on mom for the first time (as in, NOT spit up)
-eating bananas now (thanks Mowgli)
-saying short sentences "there's a ball in there"
-calling Dad "my Daddy" or "my DaDa" (he melts)
-kissing all the time, asking for a kiss from Mama, and giving kisses
-great with hi-fives even when you just met someone
-loves the slide Daddy made and can "do it" by your self

-Still cutting in the top molar (it's taking a while)
-weening, beginning the weening process
-not nursing during the day
-Running Full Out !!!
-Enjoy going to the park and the mountain
-2nd Valentines Day

-First time to see the Circus (we don't recommend the Barnum and Bailey "Over The Top" Circus... 1.) It was not the family show we remembered 2.) There was not as much of the animals as we remembered and our little guy didn't seem to care about the other parts of the show very much) It was fun.

-First time to Centennial Olympic Park and you loved the fountains

-Size 7w shoe
-Size 5 Diapers (which look HUGE on you)
-Still have your favorite Doggy - still no name - "your dog"


Writeaway said...

Is there a cuter, sweeter boy? Nope.

Happy 1 1/2 birthday, Baby Bear!

AtlantaMama said...

I can't believe he's 18 mo old!!!!