Sunday, February 24, 2008

We Found It...

We found paci heaven yesterday.

Pacifiers are curious things at our house. Some times I have 100 and other days I cannot find A paci anywhere when the baby needs a nap. Or I can only find the "bad" one, or the "ok" one, but non of the "GOOD" pacis are around. The GOOD ones are the NUK brand. Those are the ones that my son took to as a Newborn baby... and he still likes those the best out of all his selection.

Where is paci heaven? You may ask. Well, you know that small gap between your bed mattress and your headboard... those suckers jump down there at night... and then when there are several escapees down there on the carpet, they hang out together doing who knows what! Caught 'em!! Now back to work fellas!

Now... If we could only find sock heaven...

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Writeaway said...


If you find sock heaven, please send me the map!!!