Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Therapeutic Blogging

Therapeutic Blogging.... some times we need to vent....

I once heard this story
(Louie G) about how this guy had this random painting hung in his house. No one knew what it was and it was sort of odd looking. He explained that that artwork was a piece of a much larger painting that was his Mothers. When he looked at it, he saw the WHOLE picture. That small portion represented something greater.

I feel like that is the way God sees my life right now. I only see this small portion and I step back at times and say, “Huh?” I squint my eyes to see if that makes the picture make more sense. It looks a little odd. What does it all mean?!

Yet there is a bigger picture. I just can’t see it from where I am. In fact I can’t see 2 months ahead from where I am… and even squinting doesn’t seem to bring any enhanced focus to my view.

And life is not Just about destinations
(while it is important to know where you are going) the journey is quite an adventure for us. When I was little and we would drive to Disney World, instead of flying, my Mom & Dad would say, “Getting there is half the fun!” We are embarking on a trip. We enjoyed watching movies in the car, singing, and playing the “I’m Thinking Of Game”. We would get gummie worms at the gas stops and even ended up spending one night in an all purple motel room because my dad was too sleepy to keep driving. Seriously, all purple! Royal purple from the walls, to the curtains, to the bed covers. Yikes. But Oh, the memories we have made from the journey. The great talks my family has had while driving to our destination. We would not trade it. We would not go back and change it. Yet so often in my life, I find that I’m wanting to beam myself straight to “Disney World”. In times of transition like this, I wonder if all of my uncertainties and concerns are causing me to miss this place in our adventure. You know? This maybe a gas station stop that I did not want. (Like one of those really yucky ones where you are afraid to pee.) There is a reason for it though. It’s a piece of the painting. And this is our trip in the palm of the hand of God.

He will not let us fall. He will not let us miss anything we need or miss out on the next place to go. He sees the whole picture. He sees not only the destination, but all of the purple motel memories along the path. He sees the other lives that we need encounter and effect along the way. His timing is perfect. His faithfulness is unending. He cannot NOT be faithful for that his is nature…

Faithfulness is part of who God is.
(And God is not a contradiction of Himself) So, he will carry us thru this odd time. And I will keep faith. And keep squinting to see a little further up that road.

Thank you therapeutic blog.

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