Tuesday, December 4, 2007

How to have a "do nothing day"

One of my favorite indulgences - on a day when there is nothing planned, the house is mostly in order, and dinner plans are covered - I sometimes allow my self to have a "do nothing day". This happens so very rarely due to all of the above stipulations, but when the opportunity arises... I take it. And now, being a new Mama, I can enjoy my semi "do nothing day" with my baby love. We just hang out, play, eat, poop, pee, sleep, smile, coo, and snuggle as much as possible.
When you have a "do nothing day", you wear your pj's all day... cause you don't have to do anything or see anyone. You don't do laundry or dishes (unless you just want to) and you don't even have to answer the phone - - if you don't want to.
It's your time. A few precious hours to shut out the JUNK... the stuff... the TO DO LIST... the world. Not that we don't love to do stuff. I for one, really enjoy life and therefore enjoy doing the STUFF too. But the "do nothing day" is often more needed than I realized. Today is one of those days! (Blogging is allowed because it's not stressful!!)
If you've been overwhelmed, overworked, under appreciated, worn out, bogged down, or just want a fun day to Chill Out... This AtlantaMama highly recommends a "do nothing day"!!

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Sharliss Jane Arnold said...

Hi lady, so happy you had a "do nothing day". As for us Arnold girls, we were busy at chemo clinic which included being put to sleep. Home safe and now hoping tomorrow will be a do nothing day for my girl. Love the blog.