Friday, December 7, 2007

There is Lead in That

Lead? In a Christmas Tree?

A couple of nights ago, my husband I broke out a fake Christmas Tree that was given to us a few years ago. A lot of what we "have", just in general, has been given to us - - so we are grateful and not picky. However, I do love REAL trees!! We did not even put of the tree last year because we were traveling and did not have kids yet.
But two Christmases (plural) ago, we put up this tree and I remembered that I broke out in more than the Holiday spirit... I got hives. Yuck. I told my husband, "I really need YOU to do the tree because I think it gave me hives last time." He suggested a long sleeve shirt and wanted me to stick it out because the whole idea was to do it together. So, we assembled the tree and began putting on lights. We were talking to the baby about Christmas and getting excited.

Oh, my... When Christmas Trees attack!! I was itchy and my hands (which were not covered) were awful. This spurred an all out investigation by my husband. He wanted to google this "I think I'm allergic to the Christmas Tree" business - - and I think mainly because He was itchy too!!

My Hands...

The Tree Got Me...

Our investigation landed us on an official web site that stated that older, fake Christmas Trees, which are MADE IN CHINA, may contain LEAD.
What? I had not heard of this. Well, it seems that there was a period of time when LEAD was used as a Flame Retardant. The informant when on to say that agitation of the tree (moving it) can create lead dust.
Oh, great!! Just what we want for Christmas... two turtle doves and some lead dust under our feet... So, it must be thrown out. It's really for the best. We didn't get along anyway.

Farewell fake, ugly, pine cone holding, lead filled, itchy Christmas Tree. We won't miss you!!!

(F.Y.I. - someone told me that some companies are abbreviating MADE IN CHINA to PRC "The Peoples Republic of China"... so look for that label too!)

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carolineb said...

You poor baby! That's no way to treat a lady, you bad, bad tree.