Monday, November 26, 2007

Safer Alternative Bumper

Back in the day, we all had a bumper around the inside of our baby crib. It served a purpose... to keep those little arms and legs from getting caught between the rails. Then the trend grew and it became the center crib feature for decorating the baby's room! Well, today is a new day. The new cribs have closer rails. In fact, they say that if you come across a cute "older" bed that you wish to use, you should test it to see if a coke can could pass between the rails. Anyway - - if you took Lamaze or any baby care classes you most likely heard, as we did, that bumpers are out. They are not recommended by the SIDS foundation. So... while I wanted a really great Train bumper from Pottery Barn for my son's room, I decided that I would look to see what else was out there that might be a better option. I was looking for something safe and effective. I found a few items that are similar to the one pictured. These are mesh. The baby will not get stuck in the rails and the baby can get right up next to this material and still breath just fine. I found this CribShield on line (via but did not see anything like these when I was registering IN the stores. There are a few other brands out there, so if you opt for one... just do a search for safer crib bumpers and you'll see a few choices. Now, I know it's not a cutie cutie, but it's functional and safe!!


Ruth Allen Bryant said...

I went into Caroline's room one day and she was face first in her thick velvet bumper pad. It freaked me out and I took them off for a while. I vote safe vs. cute in this case!

AtlantaMama said...

Yea, He gets too close to the side of his crib (in our room) if he's not in the sleep positioner... and while it is thin, it still does not seem super safe!?!