Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Ride for Sleep

Have you ever gone for a drive just so your little one would fall asleep?

Have you ever driven around longer (with no clear destination site) just because they did fall asleep and wanted them to sleep longer? Today, I did this!

It's funny... the things you do as a Mom, that if someone told you you'd be doing them even 2 years ago you would have build a great argument. Me, waste gas for 30 mins? No way! Well, what is a good nap worth? Sometimes a good nap really does = a happier child who is fun, joyful, and ready to learn while awake. Sleep is so important. I've read some of "Healthy Sleep Habits..." some of "Baby Wise"... and others. And I try to do what is RIGHT in each situation. But, isn't it funny how you just do what works?? Sometime, you think "If anyone saw this they would freak cause it's not in the books." Ha!! I think we've all been there. Every child is different and not ONE is just exactly by the book - huh!?! So, sometimes we have to do what works... even if it feels crazy to JUST DRIVE!

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