Sunday, November 4, 2007

All Hours

All Hours
Isn’t it amazing that we are up being Mommy at all hours of the night (& day)?!! It seems that just a few short years ago, I was a college student. While I did pull the occasional all-nighter, the built in benefit of being a college student is that you can sleep in or take a nap after classes the following day. My, my… how those flexible time luxuries vanish with Mother-hood! No more long baths, no more long shopping days, no more 10 hours of sleep… or even 8 hours in a row… just because it’s Saturday! No more long – anything!!

With a new Babylove needing us every 3 hours (or sooner) for feedings, diaper changing, and comforting help to fall asleep for their little nap just before the whole cycle repeats itself, our new role is All Hours.

I remember a certain point within the first two or three weeks of my sons birth that it hit me… “This isn’t going to stop.” The realization that this baby needed me 24/7. The understanding that my new job had no built in luxurious breaks, no days off for weekends, no planned vacation time, and no sick days. WOW! Overwhelming, huh?

While to some extent these things are true that I was feelings 2 months ago… I was also Overwhelmed with Love for my child. Did you ever know you could love someone So much!?! In addition to being amazed & was also in this surreal funk… I was so astonished & down right flabbergasted that this large baby had just been inside of my tummy kicking & moving, and now, HERE in my arms & in my LIFE! (Not that he wasn’t in my life in the womb – But you know what I mean.) I would just stare at him in Awe. I kept having to reminded my sleep-deprived brain that this was all REAL. Really Real. I’m a Mom now!! So many things we’d prayed for had come to be in this child. Amazing!

I guess I just want to offer an encouragement to any Mom’s who are stuck in that place of feeling Overwhelmed by all of the changes and new responsibilities that came with your Baby. I totally know!! You will shower again. You will sleep more. Breastfeeding gets easier (I’ll blog more on this topic). Emotions will level. You’ll figure out how to leave the house with the baby, all the gear, and go to TARGET and live to tell about it. (Although that whole “outing” thing took me a while!) And you won’t always smell like spit-up!!

And as far as the other things in life passed this 24/7 –Mommy deal…
like trying to keep up w/ dishes, dinners, laundry, bills, friends, church, play-groups, e-mail, this blog, the Gymboree outfit you want on e-bay, your holiday to-do list, etc…
I say, just do what you can. If you feel overwhelmed – don’t bit off more than you can chew. Say “NO” to things that don’t have to be done today or this week & allow yourself to focus on what you feel like you need to do most. If you complete a load of laundry in one day, that is a big accomplishment. I say, GOOD JOB Mama!! Pat your self on the back. For me, it’s having typed most of this blog w/ one hand!! Don’t sit there and beat yourself up that you should have done more today. You and I both know that the Baby is priority. You hang in there. You are doing GREAT!!

Our babies are growing up fast… mine is not quit 3 months yet & he’s already huge! I desire to cherish each moment, each phase, each smile, each memory!! Let’s take time to enjoy them each day. Sometimes, for me, that means dressing up my little man in a cute outfit and taking LOTS of fun photos to e-mail to his grandparents. I really enjoy taking pictures!! So, for my new born who can’t really “Play” that is our creative play time! Plan something fun for you to look forward to each day.

So, while being a Mom is perpetual – there’s the word I am looking for – it often feels perpetual in an overwhelming or exhausting way… Being a Mom is continuously, everlastingly rewarding. We have the privilege of raising the next generation. So, my you be continually blessed in your Mommy-hood endeavors. Enjoy today- at ALL HOURS!!


Anonymous said...

Friend, I love you! It is such a ride, isn't it!? One that can't be predicted from day to day, and one that always leaves you excited about what comes next, sometimes a little unsure...But, we have a Father that never changes (thank goodness) and in the middle of all of these chalotic blessings, he laughs with us, holds us up, and reminds us we're not alone!

Just hang on, it only gets better! What a beautiful gift you have!

Anonymous said...

OOppps! Sorry, Ann! It was me that left you the anonymous comment! I'll sign in next time!

love you,