Friday, November 16, 2007

Diaper Failure - follow up

Today I nursed the baby... not knowing we had a BLOW OUT in the making.
I found out when I placed him up on my chest to burp him and pat, pat, pat... my hand is wet!?? Oh!!! Code Red. To the changing table, STAT!
Pants off. Careful getting the long-sleeve shirt off, (but I got it off) Place it in the dirty clothes pill with the pants. I begin to laugh with him and change the diaper. At first glance... it's really not that bad. New diaper is ready to go. I begin to wipe him. As I turn his body I see that the poop has moved... grown... and it's now somehow EVERYWHERE! It was all over his back and therefore all over the changing table now. I am trying to figure out how to clean him - and not lay him right back in it, when I look again... only to discover that it's actually now made it's way all the way up to his neck! We are way past a baby wipe mess. Ok.... we really just need a bath.
I look down and and see it's also on the front of my fleece jacket. I look beside me and Oh, yes, the Boppy has been tagged too... How did this happen? What seemed like a typical - I can handle it - "everyday blow out" had now exploded into quite a major mess.
So, I took off the poopy fleece. Picked up the poopy baby by placing a clean burp cloth on his back and carried him all the way up the stairs and to the bathroom saying, "Please don't pee on Mama" "Please, don't pee on your Mama" We made it up there, but still had to wait for the water to get warm. Rinsed off the poop successfully and the took a great bath. All's Well.
I was left with a very joyful, clean baby and a very dirty load of laundry... (add in the changing pad cover, the boppy cover, the burp cloth and the bath towel... and oh, the boppy pillow too because it went thru the cover) WOW!
Diaper Failure - strikes Again!!


Kaye said...

This is one of many diaper failures to come... and they get worse! Call me next time and I'll come help! Now THAT is true love.

Ruth Allen Bryant said...

I feel you. Such deja vous I get while reading this...