Sunday, November 11, 2007

Pregnancy in Retro

Sonogram at 19wks. (2D profile)
36 wk Baby Belly

A look back at my pregnancy...

I feel that I was blessed with a pretty great first pregnancy. I did have a little heart burn at the start, but over all I was healthy and happy. Never having to take any meds or antibiotics (which would not have been the end of the world, but it was an answered prayer for me). Taking prenatal vitamins, drinking A LOT of water, resting, and doing my best to avoid carcinogens, MSG, and even toxins like pumping Gas. (Though it's hard to do these things completely and still live in the U.S.)

I even traveled to Guatemala at 20 weeks (my husband and I signed up to lead a mission team before we knew we were pregnant) and we did fine. His first flight!! And there were so many folks prayin' and I acutally felt better that week then some of the weeks prior when I was home. It was a great trip!

I liked being pregnant. Not really the getting big part and certainly not the icky stretch marks... but I loved carrying a baby. This is hardly the time for middle-school self esteem issues; this is about being healthy. I loved the freedom of that. I loved praying for "it" inside of me. Wondering if it was a Boy or a Girl?!! I loved how much I was learning both spiritually, physically and intellectually (reading and taking classes). I loved finding out it was boy. The long road to choosing his name with my husband & deciding to drive my Mother a little crazy by not sharing the name until he was born!! (We did not finally decided until like the last month!) I especially enjoyed our 3D/4D sonogram! I had a great Doctor. And I felt so joyful knowing there was literally (and in other ways) LIFE growing inside of me!!
I loved loved loved feeling him move inside of me. It was amazing. And then as he grew it became more intentional movements... like responding to Daddy, reacting to music on his ipod playlist, or moving - almost seemingly to the beat - during our worship services at church (at times) And the coolest was when I would give or receive prayer (for him or even just for me) and he would REALLY move. WOW!! God's spirit was ministering to his spirit from Day 1 and that's just amazing to me. I know that the baby's spirit was fully intact at the moment of conception. And the sweet presence of God was with him as we continually invited Him to come and minister.

Have you seen God's manifested answers to your specific prayers in your kids? I have seen some already and look forward to seeing more as he grows. However, the Bible says that Mary hide the things God had shown her about Jesus in her heart. So, I wonder if God has given us MOM's incite into our kids (calling, purpose, destiny, etc...) if we are also called to hold those revealed mysteries of the Kingdom in our hearts?!

Anyway, back to being prego... I loved finding out (after the months of finding out you've started and your not) It was such a surreal joy to see that little stick line!! We found out on the day of my cousin's wedding. (I'll blog about that wedding sometime because it was very cool - she married a guy from Fiji.)
I really liked pregnancy and learned so much. It was hard to find a comfortable way to sleep. I did use about 18 pillows!! I'd finally get set up in a way that was not totally uncomfortable and then I'd have to Pee --> again! Been there?? So funny.
Toward the end I was on bed rest. There was nothing wrong. I just had a lot of swelling and the doctor was being especially careful. But my BP was always fine - thank the Lord!! The major swelling could have had a little to do with the fact that it was 103 degrees the week before my babylove was born here in the ATL. HOTlanta was HOT!! For a while I was board on bed rest but everyone, and I mean E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E, kept telling me to enjoy it and really rest up before the baby. I did my best to listen (although my Mother and Husband might say otherwise "we told you to stay off your feet" "stop doing those dishes" "remember was the Dr. said?" "you should be resting") and rest even though I did NOT fully know what I would feel like in the first few weeks after having the Baby. Those who were giving that advice DID know. I kept thinking... I'm FINE.
I wanted to Nest. I was cleaning and putting away gifts from 7 showers - YES 7 for 1 child is CRAZY - and getting everything ready!! I even put the window blinds in the bath tub. But I am glad now that I did both nesting and resting BEFORE bringing home baby!! WOW!

I studied a lot and read a lot and took several classes while pregnant. My husband went with me to some of the classes too! I also kept an on-line pregnancy journal through that made the journey even more fun because I was tracking the process and sharing it with close friends and family. And because I'm a scrapbooker and pretty crazy about taking a lot of photos, we did take baby-belly pictures along the way of my tummy getting HUGE. This one posted here is G rated (no skin on the blog).
If you are pregnant and have questions, please e-mail me at I don't by any means have ALL the answers, but I might have gone thru something similar, know someone who has, or I may be able to research your case for you and help you figure out if certain things are "normal" or help you know what to expect. (Of course if it's something serious you may want to skip the Mama Blogger and just call your OB)
To those who are pregnant: Do enjoy it. This is the start of your child's life. They will know they are wanted and loved. They will receive your prayers and blessings and healthy lifestyle. I strongly recommend the book: "Praying for Your Unborn Child" Prayer is powerful!

Pregnancy it is just SO bonding. I could hardly believe how bonded I felt to my son before he was even born. Nothing compares. We were practically ONE for 9 months and we will always have that. Try not to rush it and always just look ahead to next phase... enjoy each day - each week - each memory. Try not to worry. Pregnancy is not easy like a pleasure cruise, but it is an adventure more like a long hike in an unknown place. You'll experience many new things along the way, take in the interesting sites, and you may even discover new depths in your own heart. Embrace the journey!

3D/4D Sonogram Picture

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