Monday, November 5, 2007

Diaper Failure

This past Sunday, one of our pastors (Daddy of 3) told a very funny store about what he termed a Diaper Failure. He so matter-a-factly stated that a diaper has one job… to hold in the stuff. A diaper failure occurs when the diaper fails to do that which it was created to do. This is also known, in our house, as a Blow-Out! These are so disappointing.

Oh, the messes! There was a night, a couple of weeks ago, when I had been spit up on - all over my shirt, so I took it off. I changed the baby into something clean, changed his diaper, and returned to my room for his feeding to finish up. Then he had a BLOW-OUT! Mind you, this was all happening in the middle of the night of course. So, we go back into his room to clean up the messy mess. Poopy onesie – Off. Poopy diaper – Off. And as every careful Mama of a baby Boy does, I took covering precautions to prevent the unpredictable PeePee thing. Despite these efforts, we had PeePee break thru that made a new mess and somehow not only got on the changing table, but made a wet stream down the back of my PJ’s on the left thigh. So I had to take those off too. Now I’m in only my under garments with a naked, and now fully awake baby lying on the changing table… at 4AM!! Been there?

And perhaps at 4AM when you’ve experienced a Diaper Failure in the worst way and you are now changing the baby’s clothes for the 3rd time and your own for the 2nd…. You will just have to laugh and thank God for this precious child and this blessing of being the best and only Mom that child has been given.

Comments & Feedback: What band or store brand of diapers are the BEST??

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Ruth A Bryant said...

Well, I of course had a girl and so I no NOTHING of the "pee-pee thing"! BUT can I just say that we had more BLOW-OUTs than I think any other baby could muster up in their first few months of life! Almost every time (no joke!!) the girl poooped she had so much force behind it that it came out of the diaper somehow. I'll never forget the time mid-diaper change that Caroline shot poop all over my mom's dog who was several feet away barking at her. Well, my vote for best diapers for little babies...Pampers Swaddlers. ALSO, Laura Kirkland says that boys just "go" differently than girls due to the location of their "parts" and that you should always move up a diaper size when it's not working. I thinkthat goes for boys and girls. Now that Caroline is in a 4, I buy Costco and they are great and inexpensive. And just FYI do NOT buy Target brand...they are cheap. Bo hates them too.