Wednesday, January 2, 2008


To Resolve or Not to Resolve... that is my question!

Shall I resolve to start anew for a new year? Or set NO standard what-so-ever, and therefore I cannot fail myself because I did not endeavor to do anything different, challenging, or new.
The road less traveled, the narrow way, the much more difficult choices in life often have the greatest rewards.

So... I did set some New Year's Resolutions for myself. Did you?? What are yours?

The new goals are broken down into separate areas of my multi-faceted life.
1.) New goals for myself as a wife... to love and serve my husband in the ways that he needs me to and to bless our marriage... to go on adventures and have fun together... to create memories...
2.) New goals as a new Mama... to be the best Mom I can be to my Son as he goes thru all of the changes and mile stones that will lead up to this time next year when he's 15months old!!... to finally finish my Thank You notes from all of our 7 baby showers (yes, 7 or 8 showers for ONE baby - - wow - - we are loved)... I look forward to teaching him to talk and walk but I sure am enjoying the baby phase!! It already feels like it goes by so fast. I don't want to rush it.
3.) New personal goals... loose more baby weight by being more active and doing more cardio and continuing to nurse... I'm pursuing some dreams with photography and learning a new photo editing software... And probably the most important goal I am setting for myself is in the area of spiritual growth in 2008. The reason: Before I had the baby I was going to and doing so many things that were keeping me in the powerful presence of Jesus. Post baby, this has been harder and I've stopped attending the same small group, prayer group, and bible study (did that Daniel study a while back and it was awesome!!) because I just can't with the baby right now. So, I want to figure out what I CAN DO for this new year.

Sometimes we are pursuing God's presence in our lives and we are being very active... and at other times in my journey I look back to see that He has invaded my presence even when I was not (for any given reason) at that time seeking Him. He loves us so deeply that He will not allow us to wonder too far or get too isolated. Isolation is a hard hill to climb as a new "stay-at-home" Mom, isn't it?! But yet, I know, I am not alone. In Christ we are never alone.

This is not EVERYTHING I desire to do in 2008, but this is the sort list of goals. It started today. I took on the whole "serve my husband" thing by sorting and semi-organizing his closet. If you had seen the overwhelming MESS that was his closet... you would send me a gold star for my chore chart. But servant hood is not about getting noticed. Being servant hearted is a choice that fights against my selfish nature. Being a servant is the best form of true leadership.

Who are you becoming in your NEW year??

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Writeaway said...

If you cleaned and sorted your husband's closet - and I've seen it - you deserve a jewel in your crown! THAT is servanthood! :>)