Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Husband Humor

Today is my wonderful husband's 29th Birthday!! So, Happy Birthday!

He's a great husband (4 years now) and a great new Daddy. He's smart and funny and very laid back about life. He has strong beliefs in the truth of the word of God and he's very driven by his beliefs. Lately he has been between jobs and, therefore, home more. He has bonded even more deeply with our son while he's been home and we've enjoyed the extra family time.

To really explain my husband, I'd like to share a few examples...

Mom's and Dad's are not the same - - we all know this. But it's very obvious when there is a problem or a need that Mom's reaction would be very different and Dad's reaction is usually to PLAY. Examples: The baby's sleepy and fussy... Daddy can be goofy on the spot and dry up those tears. The baby's hungry, we're in the car, crying has continued... Daddy can make up a silly song on the spur of the moment, containing 100's of crazy sound effects to entertain and bring out a smile. The baby doesn't want to get dressed - take a bath - whatever... Daddy will make it into a Game!! I once overheard a conversation between my husband and the baby, while the babylove was on the changing table. Daddy said something like, "It's time to go get your diaper changed and your PJ's on... I've gotta put you on the 'baby table'... this is where you change into a baby... It's time to put on your baby-suit... Yeah, this is where you come to dress up like a little baby..." Earlier, when our son was a new-born, I over heard a made up song (also while standing at the changing table) about where the PeePee's and PooPoo's go! I think the words "land field" made their way into the song?!! Oh, the endless creativity.

To end my Ode to my Husband, I'm including this video below. This was invented, created, filmed, edited, and produced by my funny funny husband this past year. Enjoy:


Mari said...

Apparently I don't know Brent well enough!? Ya'll are gonna have to come hang out some more! Has he considered something in the video/production field? He's gifted! We all loved the video and watched it more than once...that's all I'll say.

Happy belated birthday, Brent! Todd's is on the 30th.

cami said...

good call! knew I liked him! you made a GREAT choice! love Brent-ti-ti!

Writeaway said...

I know Brent well. The only thing I can't figure out is how he grew up to be like your father!


AtlantaMama said...

What can I say... The pride that one feels when they can claim they know the inventor of the BOOGER PICKER 9000. I could be Mega-Goofy and say, "I PICKED a good one!!" I love him!