Thursday, January 10, 2008

Two Blow-outs and A Blow!

On my child's 20th week of life, we experienced two blow outs and a blow.

Sunday was the day of the first major diaper blow-out (of the week). We had gone out to eat after church and then my husband wanted to get his hair cut. As we were waiting, I leaned in and told him that I really felt that the hair place STINKS like Elephant poo and I just wasn't sure we should get his hair cut there. He replied, "It just smells like a hair place to me." I was freaking out... yuck... it really smells bad. We picked up a conversation with some other folks there. The baby got fussy in his car seat, so my husband unbuckled him and got him out. As he picked him up, my husband's had got wet. Never a good sign. I looked down to see that the poop is all over his leg, bottom, and car seat!! And that smell... was my child!!
To the car we go. I took him out there and began the clean up. Before I could get to all of the leg poo he had kicked his sock into it and drug it across the matte and the passenger seat and almost kicked it on me - - got the socks off - - No more kicking poop!! I found a TARGET bag in the back and began loading all of the dirty clothes in there. It was crazy. I used ALL of the wipes we had with us and finally get him cleaned up and in some dry PJ's.
As I was cleaning him up, I saw his "doggy" (a stuffed blue puppy) in the parking lot!! I could not get to it because I was taking care of the baby, but I was so sad at the thought that the Dog could get run over at any moment. Thankfully, a family came out of the restaurant and their little girl rescued him and brought Doggy back to us! All was well and everything and everyone when in the wash when we got home!!

The second blow-out and the blow happened yesterday. My husband found out that the company he's been a manager with for a while, is just not going to make it. So, we are looking for something new. And then the baby pooped in my lap!! Yes, it was also a side leg blow-out... all over my jeans!! Then we had dinner with our best friends and felt very encouraged.

So, we are in a time that feels like another transition. Have you felt that way? It's like, God allows us to go through some shifts or changes and we actually feel it happening. But change is not all bad. In fact, I think that God has something really great for us in 2008.


Writeaway said...

Think about how much you love that little boy of yours. Now imagine how much more God loves him. You know He is going to provide for him in every way - including a great job for his daddy! We are praying for a break-through and not a blow-out! Mom

Ruth Allen Bryant said...

We love y'all, we KNOW God has something in store for you, and when I was reading about the blow-outs I was SO sad thinking that due to my hard drive dying I would be unable to send you a picture of the blow out that Caroline had once that filled her entire car seat up with poop. And like you I went out to the car and began the clean up process that only a crew in those astronaut looking suits should have been able to takle...chaos!