Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I'm back...

I have taken 3 month off from blogging.  And I've missed it.  I went through a time where I realized I needed to cut back on some things, that were extra, in order to better focus on the things that were and are most important.  So the blog took a back seat for a few months.  I now feel the freedom to come back to it WITH FREEDOM.  Freedom to post when I can, when I have time, and when it's not taking away from other things.

God has been doing a lot in us lately.  Well, He's always at work.  But this has been a season where I can feel the work.  It's not like having your teeth worked on with no drugs... no, no... it's more like truth boot camp.  Almost like a coach who has you doing sports boot camp until you can hardly feel your legs underneath your body... but you know it's all for a goal and purpose.  And you want to be there.  I feel that.  And I am grateful to be in this season.

The kids are doing well.  WOW!  They are growing up.  The oldest, "Bear" is 3 & 1/2 going on 4 and the baby love, "Pumpkin" is now 16 months old!  They get along super well and laugh at each other all the time... even when it's nap time.  I am very grateful for them and I am loving being a Mom to two boys! 

I'm leaning everyday with two toddlers... God is guiding me through the roller coaster days of messes - diapers - time out - cleaning - stepping on toys on the way to the bathroom - have teachable moments - watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse instead of the news - "let's share and take turns" over and over - all of the day in/day out things... I am learning.  I love it.  I love them. 

I am really enjoying getting to know their personalities.  In fact, I'm thinking about changing their blog nicknames.  Hmm, we'll see?!!

Well... it's good to be back!


Tony C said...

Yay!! Welcome back!

At least you didn't name one Crazy Tomato like latest vlog is all about that too.

God bless!

Lora said...

great to see you're back! i was just thinking about you yesterday!!
:) lora

Abby and Pete said...

welcome back....annini!

He & Me + 3 said...

Glad you are back. I take breaks from blogging myself throughout the week. I blog once a week now. It has just gotten to be too much...but I would miss my blog friends terribly if I just quit for good. So that is why I blog once a week. It has been a good balance.