Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Highlights of Month 10

Month 10 Highlights

- Another tooth
- Trying to Walk
- Crawling VERY fast
- Traveling (Summer Camp, Minnesota, Mall of America)
- First Flight
- First 4th of July
- Sleeping in his room when we were in town
- Lots of Swimming... and lovin' it! Also still loves taking his bath = )
- Still nursing but eats baby food & crazy about Yo Baby yogurt & broken Cheerios

But the BIGGEST thing about Month 10, is the huge increase in communication...
- He's picked up our sign language efforts: "Please" & "All Done"
- He has been clapping, waving bye-bye, making us laugh with his dramatic Fake Laughing
- He's finally willing to watch things like Baby Einstein (w/ the help of the tray chair & the Cheerios) and I also like WordWorld, Super Why, & the Backyardagins!
- His verbal skills have really picked up too... He now says:
~da da ~boon (balloon) ~dis (this) ~dat (that) ~dit dat (get that) ~bu (ball) ~bye bye ~du (dog) ~oo oh (ut oh) ~boo (the dogs name) ~ah done (all done) ~tox (sock or socks) And more.... And he understands even more than he can say.
We can say, "Can I have that?" and he will hand use the treasure he's picked out of the carpet. I can say, "Let's go get Da Da!" and he will get excited, kicking, huge smile, and we'll go tickle Daddy together. "Where's your ball?" is an easy one for him now... totally knew about the ball a couple of months ago! Such a Boy! He is learning things like Together/Apart, Up/Down, etc... He is loving to put smaller toys into large cups and containers.

My husband and I have been talking about how much fun he is and about his sweet character. He loves to play with us, he shares (most of the time), and he even thinks to offer Da Da a Cheerio or two!! Children really are a gift from the Lord!!


Writeaway said...

This is a sweet summary of that little angel, but it doesn't come close to saying how incredible he is! What a blessing! We love those big brown eyes that melt our hearts!

jamie in rose cottage said...

How fun! I miss that age-- enjoy every moment!

Hess Fam said...

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PS How did you teach your child signing? Have you tried signing times? I love it!! Totally works and my almost 4 year still loves to watch it!