Thursday, July 24, 2008


So, it's been one of those nights where I got the baby down, my sweet husband feel asleep on the sofa and I became Super-Productive-Mom. I got more done in the past few hours than I have all week when other folks were awake... you know what I mean ; )

As I was working... cleaning up dinner, quick check on e-mail, catching up on laundry, unpacking a suit case from two weeks ago, making my hubbie's lunch for tomorrow, picking up scattered toys... I had this thought about how Mom's are last. Am I the only one who has this "Whoa is me" conversation to themselves? Mom's always come last, I thought. And I admit that my attitude was not in the exact right place as I was picking up dirty socks and pondering why I feel like the dirty dishes are the "bad ones".

But I heard the Lord remind me of His word, His truth, that the last shall be first in His Kingdom. He was lovingly reminding me that while Mom's do tend to come last... I can receive that or I can choose to reject that. I can either complain my way thru my daily chores, or I can willingly embrace being a servant hearted leader for my family.


Valarie said...

Because of having to go help our friend with his tire, they didn't even make it to the memorial service. I'm sure that one day we will encounter a situation like that again. God is changing a lot of things here.

Thanks for coming to my blog. I'm going to keep up with yours, too.

Aside from having kids that grow insanely fast, we're pretty good on clothes. I usually stock up when we hit the States. Clothes shopping here is expensive. But I'll keep you posted.

Blessings ~ Val

Sharliss Jane Arnold said...

Thanks for the "word". I have been feeling a little last these days. Just lonely and missing people. I should be shot because we are in a good place right now, but I cannot help it, so I will just grab your word and finish the day. Love ya.

Elizabeth said...

you're right...and God will never put us last. :-)

FEEL GOOD FRIDAY is up at my place. :-) I'd love for you to join in. :-)

nysewanders said...

Thank you! I love you! I need to know that I'm not the only mom who feels like a maid and nanny:) Thank you for the encouraging word and camaraderie. Blessings to you. When are we going to play?

the wyatts said...

this is SO GOOD and actually just wanted i needed to hear right is 7:30 p.m. and i still haven't showered...thanks for the encouragement.