Saturday, November 15, 2008

My odd week Update

For over a week now my son and I have been quarantined in our house. It was my choice to do so because he's been sick with RSV (an upper respiratory virus/wheezing) and an ear infection. It's our first time dealing with this... and he's been such a trooper. To add to the odd nature of the week, my husband ended up working from home all week too. We have had a lot of family time and we've enjoyed living in our pj's. He is doing better... I am just praying for complete healing and for the cough to GO! We were about to go crazy watching the same 4 or 5 videos over and over again. My sweet mom came by to check on us and brought a NEW ELMO DVD and really blessed our lives! We've now watched the new one at least ten times!! We worked on our porch some and babylove helped Daddy staple up some white lights that look so nice. He got so excited -- thinking he was helping. We have read all of our books over and over again because we have to sit down for about ten + minutes while doing the breathing treatments (three times a day). We have had to be creative about staying home and still enjoying life, so last night my husband made the empty Huggies box into a toddler train... and then, into a slide (there are some pictures of it below) and our little guy really liked that. We are ready to be 'all done' as my son would say, and to be totally well again. At least the low-grade-fever was gone after the first few days. Almost there. Jesus, heal my baby.


Tony C said...

My prayer this morning will focus on you and your family.
Hang in there.

God's blessings to you.

He And Me + 3 said...

IT is no fun having a sick little one. I hope he better soon! Cute pictures though. My little guy loves Elmo too!

A Southern Wedding Belle said...

Hi Annie - it is scary to have a sick baby. I'll be praying too. He is so cute! What a wonderful family time you had in spite of the sickness. blessings and love - Debbie