Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Happy 15 Month Birthday!!

Happy 15 Month Birthday
sweet love

Month 14 Highlights:
-can point to all of Noah's animals correctly
-learning so much more from reading (a lot) with us
-you got taller
-2nd time in the Fall Costume Parade
-more discipline issues... testing and learning
-saying "no" a lot
-putting words together.... "no, take it out" "I get that" "I got car, vroom-vroom" "thank you" "that please" (said: "dat peas") "no that"
-size 18 mo clothes / size 6 & 1/2 shoes / still size 4 diapers
-the best toys are not toys: coat hanger, paint stick, plastic hanger, hair brush, cans of food, boxes, sticks, Daddy's big shoe, paint brush, mom's cell phone, and more
-first time on antibiotics (ear infection), sick this month off and on -- but all better now!!
-stayed home a lot more
-played on the back porch for the first time, hung light with Daddy, & read books with Mama on the little sofa
-no new teeth this month... still just 8
-Still nursing - Eating well most of the time: loves crackers (kak kak's), now eats cheese, still eats almost anything green but does not like things that are orange, loves spaghetti sauce, still likes Yo Baby and we've started drinking it thru a straw, loves an apple, but not cut up.... still loves black olives and cheerios!
-Entertainment News: introduced Winnie the Pooh & he likes it, got a new ELMO DVD from KK and he LOVES it... brings me the DVD box and kisses it and begs "peas, peas" to watch it 18x


He And Me + 3 said...

This is the best idea...sure beats baby books. He is just a cutie!

AtlantaMama said...

i forgot to include that he now has about 3 letters down, as far as recognition and sound. if we say "look, here is the letter P" he will make the sound: pppah, pppah, pppah