Monday, August 4, 2008

Learning to say Uh, Oh

Our baby love is learning to say "Uh, Oh" when something falls.
This was way cute a couple of weeks ago... and it still is... but now, he has become liter patrol. We are coming out of Publix, he's riding in the cart (on the cover we love - from TARGET), and he looks at me and says "Uh, Oh" with a great look of concern. I look around and finally see some trash on the ground, in the Publix parking lot that is the cause of the "Uh, Oh". He doesn't understand why I am not picking it up, but I try to explain that it's "yucky" because he sorta knows that word too. But we spit when things are "yucky" now because it's most commonly used when he finds something in the carpet and tries to put it in his mouth. Anyway, in addition to my little liter patrol officer, we are also learning that tossing the sippy cup down on purpose, does not really constitute an "Uh, Oh". He's learning quickly! He's 11&1/2 months old already!!!

PS - He almost took a step tonight. He kinda did. He stepped from me to Da Da but he kinda leaned out to grab for his hands so he was not totally on his own. But it was close. My husband is like, if we keep going, he's gonna be walking and I'm not ready yet. Awe. He's so big on keeping him a baby as long as we can... it's sweet.
I love them both very much!


Chip said...

Ah, the comments are starting. Just wait for the day when he POINTS to a guy about five feet away from you with blown out flipflops and long, stringy hair and exclaims with the POINTED finger, "Dad ... is that a girl or a boy???" No rock big enough for me to hide under. No rock.

Lindy Simpson Jones said...

so funny!!! bella has a litter radar as well!!! so cute. i LOVE the uh, ohs... time flies so fast!

Valarie said...

It's such a blessing to be a part of watching a baby grow into a child and then into an adult. It's so similar to our walks as Christians and the joy that our Father takes in watching us. I love the first words and the first steps. Just wait until he starts losing teeth...I cried.

the wyatts said...

how precious!

benji does the same thing...throws something down and says "uh-oh"!