Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happy 21 Months Birthday

We love you, Bear!

Highlights from Month 20:
- ate pop corn like cookie monster
- totally weened from nursing
- learned to say, 'alligator', 'frog', 'ribbit-ribbit', 'green'
- likes to play with roly poly bugs... it's a ball AND a bug
- getting into trucks and cars a little more now
(but animals are still the fav for sure)
- April 30 drank cows milk (Stoney Field Farms Organic Whole Milk) from a sippy cup... we took other friends advice and started milk in the cup with the straw built in instead of the kind he associates with juice and water. He loves it and does great!
- May 4 Well Visit
- 29 lbs 12 oz(93%); 36 " tall (off the chart)
- Size 2T clothes, Shoes 7 &1/2 or 8
- going up and down the stairs on your own (even when you are NOT supposed to go up)
- sleeping in your toddler bed / in your own room a little more
- getting more brave and taking risk like going down the slide superman style or diving off the sofa in that same way and then dramatically rolling in the floor and looking at me with a smile and saying, "a te Ma" (that means, "Ok, Mom")
- sat on the potty for the 1st time... you look so little on the big potty... but I think we will try to use the little one once we really start trying
- learning and interacting with more songs -- we love to sing together and dance around
"If you're happy and your know it" and others
- went with Mommy to the baby doctor and got to see the baby on a "movie" (sonogram)
-The Swine Flu outbreak is going on, but we are praying that it is not going to be as bad as what the news media are indicating and we are praying for health and wellness over our family
- your teeth are still coming in (they broke thru the gums last month) we are not in pain or nearly as fussy anymore... we can't believe you've almost got a FULL mouth
- loving reading your books -- I think Mama has them all memorized!!
- Mom and Dad have had more work for our company (an answer to prayer)
- had our 1st pet -- a caterpillar -- for about two weeks
- likes to look for bugs on our front sidewalk (usually ants) and loves to get up on the manhole cover thing near the top of our drive way and do a dance (usually with sticks in hand)
- saying, "where are you" to Da Da or his cup or anything he's looking for and it's really really cute
- had a great Mother's Day 2009 and shared our baby news with a picture of him in his new, "I'm the BIG Brother" tee -~- and everyone was very excited!
- pretending to be a shark
- saying your name more clearly
- saying lots of new words... "thank you", "good", "shark", "fish" (said, Pish), "Nemo", "Boz", "chips" (that 's what we call our fav veggie straws), "sleep", "remote" (said, Re -pause- Moat), "leg",
- more letters in your letter recognition: D, T, K, W, Z (added)
- started reading our Toddler Bible at night and sleeping a little more in our Toddler Bed ~~ although at this point, it's still a work in progress because he's never slept all night w/o his Mama there to hold him or with in arms reach. This is a BIG step to be in another room!
- loves to go outside (though we've had a lot of rain)
- likes to play rough with daddy and laughs until it's hard to breath... a whole new level of energy right now!
- we are really working on the toddler "no, no, no's" and we say, "That's not sweet" or "That's not fun" We are trying to handle that before it were to become habit. But he does not get what he wants when he's "not being sweet" because Mama can't hear you unless you ask sweetly and say PLEASE!
- sees the letter "O" all the time now (anything that is a circle)
- wants to play with the cantaloupe at the store and does not understand why I will not give him a ball
- had chocolate milk for the first time (Earth's Best) loved it!!
- pretends to have something yucky on his foot or on his nose and asks us to get it off


Writeaway said...

You had a busy month!!! It was so much fun to read the list and re-live it! What a smart little boy - and oh so cute too!

Kiki loves you.

(You forgot to list that he changed my name to Kiki this month!)

AtlantaMama said...
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AtlantaMama said...

we had a great month! he's learning and growing SO FAST!! we look fwd to this next month and all of the new things that will come up.

Daddy said...

Happy 21 Months! I love you!